So many of us play average, have told ourselves that we are not capable, and have stood in our own way of achieving our dreams. But it doesn’t have to be the way! We have to believe in our infinite potential and lean into the growth we are capable of. Today’s guest, Pat Mancuso, is one of the best coaches we know, and his ability to help others discover their purpose and potential is truly unmatched. Not only is Pat the CEO of multiple companies, but he has also facilitated over 30 000 one-on-one coaching conversations where the goal is life and business transformation. He has also worked with 12 000 students in a live classroom and held a 41 000-person virtual event. In this episode, Pat talks about his unwavering belief in his own potential and how this translates into his belief in others. We dive into limiting beliefs and how to separate them from the truth. So often limiting beliefs serve to protect us, but in fact, they hold us back. Pat offers advice on moving past them and why we have to make the decision to change before we take any action. Along with this, our conversation touches on living in alignment with your values, the importance of purpose, and why we could all benefit from coaches. Pat also shares two incredible stories that are sure to change your perspective on the world. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing today’s incredible guest, Pat Mancuso.

– When people have the opportunity to discover their potential, they are likely to follow opportunities that lead them down the path.

– It starts with the belief that you can always improve on yourself.

– There is a difference between being dissatisfied and wanting to constantly grow.

– Pat understands that he has a responsibility to impact people’s lives.

– A story of a life-changing conversation Pat had with a client.

– All change starts with a decision, not an action!

– Most of the things we struggle with are stories we have told ourselves to stay safe.

– The best day ever just means living in alignment with your values.

– How to know when something is a fact or a limiting belief.

– A limiting belief that Pat had very early in his life that had big consequences.

– Most of our struggles are actually limiting beliefs.

– Money offers leverage and allows you to have more choices in your life.

– The story of how Pat’s life changed in a matter of seconds.

– You have to be present in whatever you are doing.

– Pat shares a story that illustrates the importance of purpose in our lives.

– It is so important to slow down and see things as they are sometimes.

– Why you have to have coaches and mentors if you want to be able to reach your purpose.

– The story Pat often tells about Chuck Yaeger that helped Chris get through his divorce.

– Where to find Pat online if you are interested in working with him.


“If you can get people to self-discover their potential, then, if they see an opportunity to take advantage of that potential, it’s really easy.” — @coachtoceo [0:04:23]

“The first step to anything is making a decision.” — @coachtoceo [0:17:37]

“You never know when life can change in the snap of a finger, and so you live every moment to the highest level.” — @coachtoceo [0:42:32]

“Without purpose, there’s not really anything to drive us.” — @coachtoceo [0:50:30]

“There isn’t anyone that can’t benefit from coaches and mentors.” — @coachtoceo [1:09:17]


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