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Welcome back to Relentless Growth, for a brief episode about the Freedom Foundation, Number Two; in the 24 Hours to Freedom Mastermind! If you caught episode 52, you are already aware that the first pillar, the first foundation, in the Mastermind is Life and Mindset Coaching. Without that, we may be able to become better leaders, get more leverage, get outstanding results, and have a somewhat superficial level of freedom, but we will always be walking around looking for something else outside of us to dictate whether we are successful, free, or happy. The second piece in the Mastermind, and the focus of today’s podcast, is Leadership. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, if you’ve been listening to the podcast for even a couple of episodes, you’ve caught outstanding leaders, people who are the close-to-perfect embodiment of leadership in their businesses and in their lives. The goal of our Mastermind is not to gain freedom by becoming rich, but to gain real wealth on a long-term basis, which requires some sense of leadership or responsibility. Join us as we unpack a few concepts we will be rolling through in the Mastermind, as a preview of what you may expect. 

Key Points From This Episode:

– We start with a classic quote from leader extraordinaire; John C. Maxwell. 

– How taking a coaching mindset can lead to success in your business and leadership. 

– We talk through aspects of the Mastermind: creating a vision, what your team must and must not look like to pull off the vision, what kind of support will be required, how are you building inroads in your team, and SMART goals and performance improvement plans.

– We also will be talking about when it’s time to be a representative leader versus when you need to play the role of the delegating/authoritative leader. 

– Dealing with commitments: how, when, what, and why, and enforcing and embodying the standard.

– There will also be live coaching, Q&A sessions, and idea-sharing within the group as we navigate through the above-mentioned topics!

– We will also have guest speakers coming in from time to time; hear more about that!

– How to apply for the mastermind: 



“Great leadership is really just great coaching.” — Chris Goodman [0:03:30]


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