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If you have been listening for a while, you will know that Chris is hosting a 24 Hours to Freedom Mastermind. Today, we are going to take a look at his number one freedom foundation: life and mindset coaching. While there is a set curriculum, Chris has also left a great deal of wiggle room because he knows that so much of the magic happens when people come together. In this episode, we hear about some of the core principles you will learn about in this foundation. We find out about things like personal responsibility, the value of a compelling vision, and why personal behavior is so exciting to Chris. As you can see, there is so much to be learned from just this one slice of the Mastermind, and this is entirely intentional. Chris has designed the course so that you are able to squeeze as much out at every stage possible. Tune in today to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– The story that is helping Chris’ clients who are suffering from stress and burnout.

– Freedom foundation number one: life and mindset coaching.

– Tony Robbins’ formula for happiness: life conditions = blueprint.

– A fundamental tenet of coaching is personal responsibility.

– You need to have a bigger mission and a compelling vision for your life and business.

– Chris’ 10/10 life-wheel exercise that he will also do in the Mastermind.

– Why we have to understand how our thoughts create our results.

– Personal behavior: what this means and why Chris is so excited by it.

– Another core concept Chris will cover in Mastermind: time.

– What you stand to gain from participating in this Mastermind.


“The truth is, we don’t have to do it all at once.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:13]

“It’s mission-critical to understand how our thoughts create our results.” — Chris Goodman [0:13:52]

“The way I’ve built this is that any person could get three to 10 times the value of the entire mastermind from each foundation.” — Chris Goodman [0:20:47]

“If you really feel this desire for trust to follow through from others sitting at the table with you, this is where you need to be.” — Chris Goodman [0:22:33]


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