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No matter who you are or what industry you are in, you have likely faced or are currently facing pressure. This self-induced pressure is rooted in disempowering thoughts that are weighing you down rather than propelling you forward. In today’s episode, Chris tackles the topic of pressure and shares some actionable advice for those who find themselves caught in a state of feeling like they are not doing enough. As with everything, addressing pressure requires radical honesty about what you are feeling and doing the work to change these thought patterns. It is not simply enough to have positive self-talk; you have to put in the work to change the way you think. So, sit down and ask yourself why you are feeling so much pressure, and take stock of what it is you truly want. This might scare you, but that’s what relentless growth is all about.


Key Points From This Episode:

– The first step Chris would recommend if you feel like you are under pressure.

How to find the patterns between the thoughts that trigger you.

There is a difference between positive talk and transforming how you think.

The work is not done when you have let go of self-induced pressure.

Relentless growth requires you to show up for yourself every day. 



“There is one clear and present danger that I have to tackle head-on. It’s pressure. Self-induced pressure.” — Chris Goodman [0:00:51]

“This idea of pressure doesn’t seem to care. It seems to infect people all over the place.” — Chris Goodman [0:01:37]

“Let’s get crystal clear on the thoughts that are disempowering you.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:24]

“It’s relentless growth through the next ceiling, through the ceiling after that, crashing through these limitations and obstacles to become a better you every day.” — Chris Goodman [0:10:22]


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