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When you think about the most stressed-out person in your life (yes, it could be you), do they seem happy to you? Are they living in the moment, or constantly lost in thought, anticipating the next problem in their lives? In today’s episode, Chris talks about presence and the value of being where your feet are. We all have negative thoughts that pop up. But when they spiral and snowball into a series of anxious feelings, we end up getting taken out of the present moment. There are real costs when you are not present. Not only do you waste time, have poor focus, and experience less joy, but you are also just not living life in the fullest way you can. Yes, being present means that you sit with those lows because there’s nowhere else to go, but it also means you can revel in the highs because you are truly experiencing them. If you feel like you need more presence in your life, don’t miss out on today’s show.


Key Points From This Episode:

– The issue that Chris is seeing his clients bring up over and over again.

Chris shares a story from the book he is currently reading, Already Free.

– When we can put space between our negative emotions, they won’t have a snowball effect.

– Different ways, like meditation, NuCalm, and breathwork, that help create this space for you.

– Why being more present will improve all facets of your life.

– Hear Chris’s thesis about people becoming addicted to stress.

– The costs of staying addicted to stress, such as a lack of focus, wasting time, and more.

Being present also means sitting in the difficult moments, but those are part of being alive.

– Breaking the habit of not being present is not easy, it takes work.

– Why seeing a therapist or coach can help you grow in presence.



“What I’ve witnessed after years of coaching top-level executives, CEOs, salespeople, top performers in all types of industries, I think that people actually get addicted to stress.” — Chris Goodman [0:11:58]

“The less present we are, the more tempted we are to live in the future.” — Chris Goodman [0:13:25]

“Are we really living if we’re not experiencing the range of emotions we are capable of?” — Chris Goodman [0:21:39]


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