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Being willing to take risks is a common trait among successful entrepreneurs, and it is something today’s guest, Misty Stanley, has never been afraid of doing. After college, Misty moved across the country and lived in a tent. Since then, she has worked as a Program Director of the federally-funded Transitional Living Program, which assisted 20 homeless families, intending to take them to self-sufficiency. Misty also became a licensed real estate agent and was the CEO of a local real estate franchise. Currently, she is pursuing her dream career; delivering an accessible approach to life and business through her work as a coach. In today’s episode, we hear more about Misty’s incredible journey and how all of her endeavors led her to coaching. Although she has had a range of careers, one thing has remained constant: she has always led with her heart. We talk about the value of this service-minded leadership and what you and your team will gain when you decide to approach things in this way. Misty’s life, like all of ours, has not been without its challenges, and she shares how her tenacity has helped her push through some very tough obstacles. Our conversation also touches on expectations and how we can better learn to manage them, the power of surrendering, why you should get your business to support your life rather than the other way round, and the alignment Misty feels now that she is working as a coach. Not only is Misty’s advice philosophically rich, but it is also practical and actionable. As someone who has seen some incredibly high highs and the lowest lows, she is most certainly an authority on how you can get closer to the life you really want.  


Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know Misty, her various endeavors, and what she is up to now.

– The story of how Misty lived in a tent after college, following her adventurous spirit.

– Some of the early low points in Misty’s life and how she overcame them.

– What kept Misty going through the toughest times of her life.

– The intention with which Misty now lives her life and how it helps her every day.

– How Misty has learned to surrender and lean into whatever emotion she is feeling.

– Why expectations can often cause us pain and the power of releasing them.

– How the loss of a child changed Misty’s life forever.

– Releasing the ‘shoulds’ will set you free and help you see things as they clearly are.

– Practical tips from Misty around how to let go of expectations.

– Some of the classical pitfalls Misty sees leaders making.

– Misty’s advice on how to get started on a growth path as a leader; do what scares you.

– How Misty became the educated, qualified leader she is today.

– Hear the story of how Misty decided to “burn the ships” and dive into coaching.

– The fulfillment Misty feels now that she is aligned and working as a coach.

– Why letting go of identities that no longer served her has been the hardest part of Misty’s growth journey.

– Misty’s favorite coaching questions that she asks her clients.

– What coaches mean by conditioning and why we need to be aware of our programming.

– Misty’s heart-led approach to coaching is the same way she leads.

– How Misty now prioritizes her time and where she puts her energy.

– The mistake that so many business owners make: living for their businesses.

– Why Misty believes that hiring a coach is an important investment for people to make.

– Misty’s go-to personal growth and business books.



“Throughout my career, what I’ve come to in this stage of my life is to always, purposefully be living my truth. That’s my goal every single day.” — Misty Stanley [0:10:09]

“When we’re willing just to let go of control and lean into the emotion that we’re having and understand that every emotion truly is just temporary, then we really can become limitless.” — Misty Stanley [0:16:44]

“It’s really all the thinking that gets us in trouble.” — Misty Stanley [0:27:19]

“Saying out loud to somebody what you really, truly want is a new kind of freedom.” — Misty Stanley [0:46:02]

“I want my clients to be living in possibility. In my experience, it’s what changes their world.” — Misty Stanley [0:54:31]

“My priority now is how can my business fit my lifestyle? And it’s just working beautifully.” — Misty Stanley [1:03:52]


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