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In 2013, Chris was working at a law firm, going through the motions, and headed towards the life he was led to believe that he wanted. What he didn’t know was that he was asleep behind the wheel of his own life, until someone pointed it out to him and held space for him to figure out what he really wanted. Now, to pay it forward, Chris shares some of the personal growth foundational pillars he wishes he knew back then. In this episode, he talks about personal responsibility, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. When it comes to personal growth, all of these elements are carefully linked, and you cannot simply skip over any of the steps if you want to achieve your desired results. While the steps are all simple, they are not easy. Personal growth takes commitment and dedication, but it is possible. If you follow the guidelines Chris had laid out for you, you are sure to make some strides towards the life you want!


Key Points From This Episode:

– How Chris’s life has changed since leaving his corporate job and quitting law school. 

– These personal growth tips are for anyone who wants to get started. 

– Why personal responsibility is the most important pillar of personal growth. 

– Take time to look at where in your life you are deflecting personal responsibility. 

– Find out why thoughts are such a crucial part of personal growth. 

– Our thoughts create a funnel for everything in our lives. 

– The importance of not becoming attached to your thoughts. 

– Limiting beliefs often hide in plain sight, and you have to become aware of them to overcome them. 

– Thoughts devolve into emotions and can be either empowering or disempowering. 

– Actions are just the byproduct of the other strong personal growth pillars. 

– Brooke Castillo’s simple but effective model for change. 

– Ultimately, coaching is about achieving results, and following these steps will get you there. 

– An example of how the same situation impacts people differently based on their views. 

– These pillars are the basis for sustained personal growth.



“Whether you want to make great money in your pajamas on Fridays or you just want the extra time off or you love your corporate job and you just want to find new ways to be happier, experience more freedom, these things are for you.” — Chris Goodman [0:06:33]

“Our thoughts are the brokers of fears, our dreams, our desires, our goals, all of it.” — Chris Goodman [0:12:32]

“Action is the byproduct, the consequence, the effect of you having empowering or disempowering emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and taking responsibility for yourself.” — Chris Goodman [0:24:44]

“If you want to create that change, especially change that lasts in your life and your business, these are the foundations. This is what matters.” — Chris Goodman [0:34:43]


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