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Fear, failure, anxiety, and other negative emotions are inevitable, but we have the power to choose how we deal with them and to decide the course that our lives take. As Lacy Corcoran knows, it’s not necessarily an easy road to get to the point where we are in control of our own destiny, and she shares some of the main coaching practices and the books which helped her immensely on her personal growth journey. We discuss how Lacy transitioned from a burned-out, fearful working mom who felt like she could never be present, to someone who wakes up every morning excited about the day ahead of her. When she worked out what her values are and put measures into place to make sure that she was living in alignment with them, her life did a 180-degree turn and she now runs a very successful real estate brokerage while still managing to read her children a bedtime story every night. In today’s episode, you’ll also hear about the practice of counterbalancing, the importance of asking for help, and the most challenging elements of Lacy’s journey. If you are feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, or unhappy, this episode will give you hope and will inspire you to change your life for the better!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Changes in her life that inspired Lacy to begin her career in real estate. 

– The award Lacy’s won during her first year working in a real estate brokerage.

– Challenges that Lacy experienced trying to maintain a balance between work life and family life with three children.

– How Chris’s coaching helped Lacy overcome her fear and open her own brokerage. 

– Lacy’s current feelings about her job and her life, compared to her feelings a year ago. 

– Examples of fears that used to have a lot of control of Lacy. 

– The importance of setting your own standards and working out what makes you feel satisfied. 

– The freedom that comes with being in control of your own thoughts. 

– Learning how to make decisions that align with her values has helped Lacy immensely. 

– The processes which Lacy followed in order to figure out her personal values. 

– Patterns of behavior that Chris noticed Lacy was partaking in and how coaching assisted her in changing these.  

– Counterbalancing; what it means and how it looks in Lacy’s life.  

– Asking other people for help is not something that anyone should be afraid to do.

– What Lacy has found to be the most difficult part of her growth journey. 

– Books that Lacy recommends, and where you can get in touch with her. 



“I wake up every day now and I’m excited to start my day and I’m excited to work in my business and build it and strengthen my relationships. It just feels good. It’s a completely 180 difference from where I was mindset wise a year ago.” —  Lacy Corcoran [0:08:21]

“There’s still bumps in the road, there are still hard days, but the difference is me and my thoughts.”  —  Lacy Corcoran [0:11:20]

“When we’re really clear on our standards and our values, it’s so much easier to walk into those decisions.” —  Lacy Corcoran [0:14:50]

“Doing it all does not mean you literally have to do it all, other people can come in and help and whenever you’re counterbalancing you have to let go of certain things and you have to lean on other people to make life more successful and enjoyable.” —  Lacy Corcoran [0:35:53]

“You are in control of your life and where it’s going and how it’s going so don’t be afraid to own it and don’t be afraid to make the changes you need to make in order to have success by your standards, not someone else’s.” —  Lacy Corcoran [0:47:30]


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