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Influencers Justin & Megan Hickman began as a young firefighter family struggling to make ends meet. As they’ve grown, they’ve built their dream life. Today they’re international travelers, entrepreneurs, parents, investors, Disney World® fanatics, and they’re building a social media empire. And out of all their accomplishments, they consider their happy marriage their BIGGEST success. But things haven’t always been so magical for Megan & Justin. Megan started her YouTube channel with a cheap camera when they lived in a 900-square-foot mobile home with NO WIFI, and didn’t create revenue in her business for two years. At her breaking point, tempted to quit the project altogether, Justin encouraged Megan to keep going. Now, just 6 years and countless hours of growing in every way imaginable, they have more than 81 MILLION “all-time” views, ONE MILLION views EVERY MONTH, and a massively successful online business. With 700,000 happy followers/subscribers, Justin & Megan have earned the privilege of working with massive brands like Disney, Google, Dyson, SC Johnson, Nickelodeon, and more than we can’t fit in this brief description! You can find Megan’s channel at, and don’t miss their full story on Episode 40 of the Relentless Growth Podcast today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Justin and Megan’s move to Savannah, Georgia from North Carolina and what precipitated the change. 

– The early drive for the couple when they started their journey as scrappy online entrepreneurs!  

– The challenge of bridging the gaps between the disparate professional lives of spouses.

– How the early commitment that Megan showed to her business paid off financially after a period. 

– Our guests’ reflections on generating income from influencer marketing.  

– Sticking with the business and dream through external doubts and challenges.

– The importance of self-belief and how well it has served Megan and her success. 

– Navigating life in the public eye; the evolution of Megan and Justin’s approach. 

– Advice from Justin and Megan on how to get started in their line of work; diving in and staying committed. 

– Some of the tricky and uncertain times the couple had to endure on their journey.

– Adjusting to the continual rocky roads of life as online entrepreneurs.

– The power of consistently serving an audience over an extended period of time. 

– Thoughts on scaling an influencer-centered business and balancing this with family life. 

– The amazing freedoms that are possible when you stick it out through the growing pains.

– Intertwining life and business and how our guests maintain and manage this connection.

– The most valuable lessons that Megan and Justin have learned, and now teach! 

– Personality frameworks that have helped our guests with knowledge of self and their audience. 

– Book recommendations, exciting things on the horizon, and where to find Megan online!



“I needed a niche. I couldn’t do these random videos if I wanted to grow this business. So I just took what I loved most and what my viewers loved most and kept trucking on with that!” —  Megan Hickman [0:06:14]

“I believed in me and that was all it took for me.” — Megan Hickman [0:13:54]

“I’m much more in tune to people’s personality types and what drives certain people and how the are probably going to react in certain situations.” — Justin Hickman [0:39:41]


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