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Welcome to a live coaching session with your host, Chris Goodman! This episode is something a little different as you will be listening in on a conversation with Rob Reddinger, a business professional in the restaurant industry. We work through a couple of issues, including speaking clearly, effectively, and with authority, dialing into focus, specifically how Rob prioritizes tasks, and how he can simplify what needs to be done in the moment without becoming overwhelmed. If you’re listening, chances are you’re in business too and you know what it feels like when everyone is looking to you for answers! Perhaps you need to deliver an agenda to your team, or even just communicate a simple task for the day? Well, speaking eloquently and staying focused under pressure are important skills to have. Tuning in, you’ll hear about the lack of confidence that might be informing Rob’s trouble with communicating clearly, why a shift in mindset is better than learning a specific method, and how you can influence the way you feel by changing the way you think, as well as how Rob can leave others feeling excited or inspired after a conversation with him, overcome his fear of failure or embarrassment, and manage his anxiety using breathing exercises. Don’t miss this episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

– What Rob hopes to walk away with from this call: a practice to help him cope under pressure. 

– Chris talks about the lack of confidence or certainty that might be informing Rob’s issues.

– Why changing how you think can eliminate the need for a specific method.

– Learn why Rob feels more confident when he has written things down and he feels prepared.

– Hear Chris’ advice for turning negative thoughts on their head; from “I’m not prepared,” to “I have everything I need.”

– How Rob can change his mindset, starting with a different way of showing up in the moment.

– Chris shares a personal example of how he relieved the pressure of knowing all the answers.

– The process of thoughts turning into feelings; how you can influence the way you feel.

– Being present in the moment and how Rob could induce that state, starting with small talk.

– Chris shares a simple rule of presenting: tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.

– The value of evolving a signature move for closing a meeting; stick the landing!

– What Rob wants other to think or feel after a conversation with him: excited or inspired.

– Hear more about when he last felt inspired and how he hopes to improve the lives of others.

– Why the best way to excite and inspire others is to be in a state of excitement yourself.

– How Rob can get himself into a state of excitement using visualization and movement.

– Overcoming the fear of failure or embarrassment; Chris explains that you are not your results.

– Find out how your thoughts control the outcome and the value of thinking positively.

– Changing one thing, like your mindset, and how that growth translates to other areas.

– Rob shares some of the breakthrough moments from this session, including just showing up as a confident version of himself.

– The method Rob created from himself: starting with small talk with the group.

– Why wrapping the meeting up and leaving the group inspired and excited is key.

– Chris talks about the value of controlling your breathing to manage anxiety.

– Chris shares some resources for Rob, including Fierce Conversations and The ONE Thing.



“Thinking ‘I need to have all the answers’ or ‘I do have all the answers’ puts all that pressure on you.” — Chris Goodman [0:10:45]

“The truth is, the best way to feel inspired is to have somebody who is inspiring around you. Something or someone is inspiring, and therefore you look at it and go, ‘Oh! I share those values. I want that too. If they can do it, I can do it.’” — Chris Goodman [0:22:32]

“If I lead a poor team meeting one time, or even five times, it doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It means I’m learning.” — Chris Goodman [0:34:19]

“You can count in to six breathing in, count out to six breathing out, and that will automatically rest a lot of your physiology and the stress you are experiencing.” — Chris Goodman [0:45:11]


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