We know how draining business can be, particularly during a difficult period of growth. Many entrepreneurs make personal health and wellbeing sacrifices, falsely thinking that this will make them more productive. Tanessa Shears is a health consultant who helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking. She is passionate about working with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, workflow, and stress management strategies to eliminate brain fog and help them get more done in eight hours than most people can get done in a week. In this episode, we talk about why she is so passionate about her work and where she gets her infinite energy from. We hear about her approach to helping clients, which focuses on lifestyle adjustments rather than medication. Some of these tweaks include eliminating inflammation-causing foods and improving sleep, which Tanessa sheds light on as well. Often, entrepreneurs have a scarcity mindset when it comes to time and believe that self-care takes away from their productivity. Tanessa shares how she helps her clients overcome this limiting belief and shows them what is possible when they take care of themselves. None of us would turn down the opportunity to perform at our best every day, and Tanessa’s advice goes a long way in helping us think about how we can function at our peak.


Key Points From This Episode:

– How Tanessa manages to fit so many activities into her life.

– Why Tanessa is so passionate about the work that she does in the wellness space.

– A story of a client Tanessa worked with to clear her brain fog, headaches, and bloating.

– Why Tanessa likes to work with naturopaths when healing a client’s thyroid issues.

– Tanessa’s lifestyle approach to healing, rather than jumping straight to medicine.

– What glycemic variability means and the common foods that cause inflammation.

– How to distinguish between brain fog and tiredness; some of the tell-tale signs.

– When your brain does not feel sharp you cannot operate optimally.

– How physical and mental stress causes inflammation and brain fog.

– Two resources Tanessa uses to help with her focus.

– Tanessa’s approach to boundary-setting and how it can be less stressful.

– Taking time to look after yourself will not make you less productive.

– The benefits of having Tanessa as coach; you are outsourcing your ability to be productive.

– Change does not have to happen all at once; small tweaks layer and compound.

– Insights into sleep and the difference between sleep duration and opportunity.

– Tanessa’s own hacks for sleep and what she uses to create a ‘bubble of silence.’

– How blue light disrupts our sleep by disrupting our hormone cycles.

– Understanding the reason behind things motivates Tanessa and many of her clients.

– Where to find Tanessa and how to work with her. 



“Having that energy lets you enjoy that life you worked so hard to create.” — Tanessa Shears [0:04:46]

“We all know what it feels like to get into that enhanced state of focused work and sometimes even into flow. But it’s that inability to get there because your brain isn’t operating at peak performance.” — Tanessa Shears [0:15:42]

“Life is a lot more fun when you don’t feel like you are under constant stress.” — Tanessa Shears [0:22:15]

“Self-care and just in general taking care of your sleep and nutrition isn’t something that is costing you time and productivity.” — Tanessa Shears [0:28:39]

“The goal is always to get more energy out of something than we put into something.” — Tanessa Shears [0:31:47]

“Nothing motivates me more than fundamentally understanding why.” — Tanessa Shears [0:45:13]


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