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Mindset is everything when it comes to your health, and the way you think can completely transform your eating habits and vice versa! Today’s guest, Marie Young, is a nutrition and mindset coach, helping high performers implement their inner nutrition knowledge with simple, practical strategies. Once a dysfunctional dieter and people pleaser, Marie has made it her mission to help others heal their relationship with food so they can experience more joy, connection, and purpose. In this episode, you’ll hear about Marie’s food freedom journey, and she shares the process that she refined over time; the very same process that she takes her clients through now, with incredible results. Her approach is both practical and spiritual, with nutrition strategies, mindset work, visualizations, blueprints, and systems. Making the change internally starts with tuning into what feels good, and Marie believes that you can use food as a starting point for changing anything else in your life. To find out how to break the pattern of all or nothing, experiment with your nutrition to set you up for success, and find out which foods “love you back”, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Hear where Marie is based and where she is from (her accent gives you a hint!)

– How you do one thing is how you do everything; you can use nutrition as a starting point for upleveling your life.

– From professional athlete, journalist, and pilot to nutritionist: hear about Marie’s journey.

– Find out how falling in love with cooking helped Marie realize the power of food as healing.

– The importance of addressing your relationship with food, not just wanting to lose weight.

– How discovering joy in the kitchen created a ripple effect in Marie’s life.

– Making the change internally started with tuning into what felt good for Marie.

– Eating your mindset: using food as a starting point for changing anything else in your life.

– Marie talks about breaking the pattern of all or nothing.

– How Marie’s own plant-based journey influenced her husband.

– Why Marie believes that anything that is hard is an opportunity to practice that skill.

– Starting with one thing and doing it very well, until you can do it consistently.

– How experimenting with our nutrition can set you up for success.

– While you do the deep, inner work, you can still have practical solutions on hand.

– Inserting a pause between impulse and action helped Marie heal her relationship with food.

– Marie’s advice for those wanting to start eating their mindset: tackle one thing at a time.

– Doing the detective work on which foods “love you back”.

– While high-performers prefer the quick fix, Marie encourages doing the work yourself.

– How you know when to work with a coach like Marie, and what you can expect.



“I fell in love with cooking and baking, and that was the beginning of me healing my relationship with food. That was the beginning of me climbing back up out of that dark hole, because I realized the power of food as healing.” — Marie Young [0:09:32]

“The way we eat is a metaphor for everything else. Figuring out what you want in life sometimes starts with figuring out what you want to eat.” — Marie Young [0:19:08]

“Anything that is hard is an opportunity to practice that skill.” — Marie Young [0:26:37]

“There are a lot of things that we can do with our nutrition to set ourselves up for success if we are willing  to do a little bit of experimentation.” — Marie Young [0:34:12]

“When we lean on the quick fix, it doesn’t last.” — Marie Young [0:50:54]


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