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Chasing success and trying to climb the corporate ladder led today’s guest, Kyle Depiesse, to hit rock bottom; burnt out and in debt. He left everything behind to start designing a life guided by fulfillment. Since then, Kyle and his wife have paid off nearly $400k to become completely debt-free. He has also been a stay-at-home dad, completed an Ironman, and started his own business, where he leverages his story to design destination experiences and coaching offerings to help his clients get the clarity they need to build their definition of a fulfilling life. He is also the host of a podcast, Reaching Beyond. In this episode, Kyle shares some of his journey with us and how he connected the dots to discover that teaching was his calling. Although it took him a while to get there, he has remained committed to learning and growing, and it really does show. His personal finance tips completely turn what we have been taught on its head. He talks about why getting out of debt was such a formative experience, where he was able to foster an attitude of gratitude. Being an entrepreneur means accepting failure as part of the process. Kyle is not afraid to talk about his dips and how he has iterated his way to success. Our conversation also touches on the importance of community and why men especially need to focus on finding their tribe, what Kyle means when he talks about life rhythm rather than balance, and the exciting plans he has for a book this year. If you feel stuck in your circumstances, Kyle’s story is sure to inspire you to turn things around.


Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know Kyle, his background, and the journey he went on to claw his way out of debt. 

What happened when Kyle saw his life’s earnings when he was in his mid-30s. 

Kyle’s advice for those who feel like they cannot get out of debt. 

Battling debt requires sacrifice, but it doesn’t mean you have to lower your quality of life. 

How to overcome your limiting beliefs around why you can’t be an entrepreneur. 

Successful entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have the best idea; they just persevere the longest. 

Kyle’s own journey of building his business and the tweaks and iterations he made.  

Getting through dips and why you need things to support you through adversity.  

How Kyle has cultivated personal responsibility over the years. 

Realizations that Kyle has come to about the importance of a community. 

Markers that show you are chasing success alone and not being part of a tribe. 

A story of a man Kyle worked with who had a major life shift. 

Why Kyle prefers the idea of rhythm overbalance and how we can get into a good rhythm. 

Containers and boundaries: how Kyle segments his time to be fully present. 

Where you can find Kyle online and some of the resources he has available.  

The fun thing Kyle hopes to do in 2021.



“We have two levers that we can pull; there’s money coming in and there’s money going out. So, you have two options: you can decrease your expenses or you can increase your income or the magic is do both at the same time.” — Kyle Depiesse [0:11:13]

“It’s not a matter of finding the information; it’s a matter of applying the information.” — Kyle Depiesse [0:15:26]

“I have the wisdom to know that when things go wrong, the first place to look is in the mirror.” — Kyle Depiesse [0:24:05]

“Instead of looking at balance, why don’t we look at rhythm?” — Kyle Depiesse [0:35:13]


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