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If you are still on the fence about your goals for 2021 or you are not used to setting goals, you have come to the right place! In today’s episode of Relentless Growth, Chris walks us through some ways to approach your goals this year so that you can live the life you have always wanted. When setting goals, it is so tempting to get caught up in busy work and limiting beliefs, which is why Chris is a strong supporter of the approach used in The ONE Thing. We hear about this method and why it is so effective in its simplicity. Chris also shares another strategy, where you start at the end, envisioning your goal, and reverse engineer your actions. The third and final model for achieving your goals is for businesses that are looking to soar. Although these are all slightly different ways of getting to your goals, they all emphasize action. If you do not have actionable steps to get to your desired outcome, you are setting yourself up for failure. Remember, small steps lead to massive change, so focus on taking daily steps and have faith they will get you to where you need to be. We wish you well on the year ahead and hope that you’ll join us for the wild ride that 2021 is sure to be!

Key Points From This Episode:

– Why Chris has decided to release this episode now, a few weeks into the year.

The fundamental role that goals play in successful coaching.

How the book, The ONE Thing, has influenced Chris when thinking about goal-setting.

How taking a ‘one thing’ approach can help you reach your goals efficiently.

The story of what inspired Jay Papasan to write The ONE Thing.

Reverse engineering your goal: How to design actions based on your desired end result.

Why not attaching actions to your goal will set you up for failure.

Breaking down SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound

Default to curiosity rather than judgment when hearing people’s goals.

Hear the steps for setting goals for businesses that are already thriving.

The importance of hiring the best people for your company.

Get an accountability buddy or coach to help you reach your goals.


“Is there one simple thing we can accomplish that helps all these other things become a reality?” — Chris Goodman [0:11:06]

“The goal is progress, not perfection.” — Chris Goodman [0:14:17]

“Focus on the action that will create the result.” — Chris Goodman [0:22:58]

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