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No matter how many strategies you use to take your life to the next level, without clarity, all your efforts will be in vain. To help you gain this clarity, Chris shares a future-self meditation in today’s episode. We hear about how this exercise can reinvigorate you, illuminate your purpose, and help you hone in on your priorities. Visualization is a central pillar of success, so it is vital to take the time to envision the person who you want to be some time from now. All the answers are already within you. By talking to your future self, filled with all the knowledge and wisdom, you are sure to know the steps to take to get to where you want to be. It is all about intentionality. Who you choose to be in this moment and each one that follows determines where you end up. 

Key Points From This Episode:

– Hear why you might need this future-self meditation.

– Some of the benefits of doing this exercise, including calmness, clarity, and reflection.

– If you don’t talk to your future self, you don’t have a relationship with them.

– Visualizing success is mission-critical to reaching unbelievable heights.

– Key components to successful meditation: A conducive environment, a comfortable body, and a curious posture.

– Getting into the future-self meditation.

– What are the three steps your future self has told you to take?

– Anytime you need perspective, you can go visit your future self and ask for their advice.

– There is so much more out there waiting for you. 


“This exercise can pull you out of the noise and help you get centered really easily.” — Chris Goodman [0:03:23]

“Borrowing from our future self and their wisdom often is all we need to do to see what direction we need to go in.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:30]

“It’s more about who you are in the moment than what you’re doing.” — Chris Goodman [0:15:45]

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