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In the world of personal development and growth, we often hear about how important mindset is. And while it is a vital part of transformation, we have to change our identity as well. Anthony Trucks, today’s guest, is no stranger to adopting new identities to continually become the best version of himself and push his growth edge every day. Anthony is a former NFL athlete, Ninja Warrior, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and transformational identity shift coach, who now helps clients create lasting, impactful change in their lives by helping them embody new identities. With a list of credentials this prolific, it is natural to think Anthony has had things easy, but this could not be further from the truth. We kick off the show by hearing about some of his extraordinary life experiences, from being given up for adoption to having his NFL career cut short because of injury to being on the brink of bankruptcy. Although these events could have held him back, Anthony has done all the inner work to enable external shifts. We then get into failure, which he believes always prevents us from taking action. His refreshing approach to categorizing and reframing failures is something we can all use to overcome our fears. From there, we talk about the importance of coaching, what you can do to make sure you hit those milestones, and the power of online connection in these times of increased physical distance. As the show wraps up, we hear about the exciting project Anthony has in the pipeline. If fear is getting in your way, this is the show for you!


Key Points From This Episode:

– The books Anthony often references in his life and work.

– Hear about Anthony’s coaching style and how he gets people’s intrinsic motivation to shine.

– Anthony’s background: From foster care to adoption to becoming a professional athlete.

– The commitment Anthony made to his adoptive mother before she passed

– What Anthony realized after he nearly gave up on his life. 

– The special connection you feel to humanity when you do the thing you were called to do.

– Anthony’s approach to taking risks and doing things that scare him.

– Why reframing our past failures can help us overcome our fears.

– Understanding the difference between abject, version, and predictable failures. 

– Why Anthony ties his identity to the effort rather than outcomes.

– The story of how Anthony came face to face with bankruptcy. 

– We all know what we need to do to change our lives, coaches just help us see the way.

– How Anthony helps his clients transform from one identity to another.

– Find out about the Shift Method and how this helps people truly transform.

– It is not just about planning; it is about planning properly to achieve your goal.

– Fear, more than anything, is what holds us back from executing our dreams.

– Some areas where Anthony sees people falling short when it comes to achieving milestones.

– How to gain connection and be inspired by others during these times of physical isolation.

– What Anthony wants to be remembered for after he is gone.

– Hear about the book Anthony has coming out, where he’s taking identity mainstream.



“This story was not one that I was put through to be able to keep it inside and hide the light.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:12:39]

“I just want to have the next moments of my life be better than the current ones.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:17:33]

“Just because you failed doesn’t mean you’re a failure; it simply means you have something to learn to make a better version.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:23:00]

“Action ends suffering.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:29:00]

“If you just did what you know consistently, you would change your life.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:30:29]

“What you create creates you.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:39:48]

“True complexity is simplification.” — @AnthonyTrucks [0:47:43]


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