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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve at the highest level unless it comes at the expense of your health and harmony. We have been conditioned into believing that to succeed we need to suffer and sacrifice. But what if there was a way to be ambitious and aligned? Kelly Brock is a recovering perfectionist and knows it’s possible to live a life of peace and profit. Having run a successful network marketing business for over a decade, Kelly seemingly had it all. Her internal struggles, however, were starting to surface, and her achievement addiction affected all aspects of her life. Now the creator of the Anxious Achiever Project and Peaceful Performer Business Coaching programs, Kelly wants to show women that it is possible to have it all on your own terms. In this episode, Kelly opens up, sharing her journey about how she got to where she is today as a coach. Not only is Kelly relatable because of her vulnerability, but she is also proof that you can teach while still being a student yourself. This growth mindset was not easy to cultivate, and Kelly shares how she went from a fearful, risk-averse person to one that understands taking chances is the only way to learn and truly live. We also talk about the power of coaching and asking questions to get unstuck, little ways you can show up for yourself to build self-trust, and why you have to give yourself permission to change if you are going to get anywhere. Kelly is an incredible example of what happens when we open up, dig deep, and have the constant courage to choose ourselves over and over again.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Kelly went from always chasing the next big goal to where she is now.
  • The physical symptoms Kelly had that made her realize she needed to slow down.
  • Ambition and alignment can and should co-exist.
  • If you want to start coaching, you don’t have to wait until you have it all figured out.
  • People want leaders that they can relate to rather than a seemingly perfect role model.
  • How Kelly overcame her limiting beliefs and perfectionism and finally took risks.
  • Growing a learning mentality: How Kelly talked herself into taking unprecedented action.
  • Hear how Kelly built her confidence and dedicated herself to being courageous.
  • The expansiveness we feel when we think about the possibilities available to us.
  • Asking questions to get unstuck: How coaching changed Kelly’s life.
  • What Kelly has learned about affirmations and how they work through her coaching practice.
  • We need to trust ourselves to be able to do less work for more reward.
  • The importance of boundary-setting and what you will gain from being able to say no.
  • Actionable steps Kelly recommends for those who feel like they want to live in alignment.
  • Why self-trust is built through little gestures that snowball.
  • Making the decision to find out what the truth in your life actually is.
  • The reward from failure is simply more growth, so don’t be afraid to try!
  • What Kelly’s mantra, ‘I’m responsible, not a responder’, means to her.
  • How coaching can help to make the process of transformation less painful.
  • What Kelly did to ensure her identity shifted in the way she wanted.
  • A future self mini-meditation: What Kelly hopes her biggest legacy will be.
  • You have permission to pursue your goals!



“It’s possible to have both achievement and ambition and be in alignment.” — Kelly Brock [0:13:38]

“I’m allowed to lead and be a work in progress.” — Kelly Brock [0:15:01]

“Confidence – I only believe – comes to you in acting in courage consistently.” — Kelly Brock [0:21:49]

“It’s your choice how you create the meaning around what’s happening to you.” — Kelly Brock [0:48:42]

“Everything you want is on the other side of your ability to know yourself, to make choices that are aligned with yourself.” — Kelly Brock [0:54:42]


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