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The inclination to say yes to everything is understandable, but it isn’t necessarily empowering or right for your business. If you’re an entrepreneur – or an aspiring one – “no” can be the most important word in your vocabulary. Today’s guest, Andrea Crowder is the perfect example of what Relentless Growth seeks to showcase. She embodies the message that you can grow in your life, in your business, and in your wealth, and you can do it all simultaneously and stay happy while you’re doing it! Listen in as Andrea shares actionable advice and pure spiritual wisdom. Learn how she fosters transformation – of the mind, body, spirit, and bank account – through digital courses, coaching, speaking, and physical products, and how she teaches women to master their own minds, bodies, and emotions so that they can create a life that feels good, on purpose. Andrea believes that women who feel good, do good, and feeling good and making decisions that align with your values often starts with saying no to opportunities that don’t. Tune in as Andrea describes the intersection between a strategic approach and an energetic one when launching a concept, how saying no has served her in her business, and her advice for using the tools you already have and hacking them to suit your needs, as well as how you too can be guided by an acronym for FREEDOM. All this and so much more in today’s episode with spiritual entrepreneur, Andrea Crowder.

Key Points From This Episode:

– Andrea explains why she doesn’t like cats, but she can use her allergies as an excuse.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, Andrea focuses on releasing judgment and expectation.

How the landscape has shifted for women business owners and Andrea’s advice about taking an energetic approach.

Taking a concept that feels natural to you and making it 5% different from existing ideas.

Andrea’s go-to questions to ask herself – “What do I need?” or “How do I want this to feel?”

Putting yourself first in all areas of your life is the most generous thing you can do!

Learning to say no graciously was something Andrea learned from her grandmother.

How fear and conditioning hold people back from saying no to the simple things.

What has worked for Andrea in her journey to mastery, like creating awareness.

The importance of allowing emotions in order to move through them rather than resist them.

Advice to help men to process their emotions in a healthy way: make it safe to feel.

The value of anchoring or being present and sharing information with others.

Andrea shares one of her anchors for interrupting anxious thoughts, such as scent.

Using an elevated emotional state to store positive feelings and emotions for your benefit.

How Andrea owns her individuality by fostering true inner freedom and peeling back the layers of her social conditioning.

Why Andrea had to realize that there’s no “best version” of herself.

FREEDOM: Fulfillment, Relationships, Expression, Energy, Direction, Opportunity, Money.

Andrea talks about the origins and objectives of her 15 Minute Launch Coach Program.


“There’s a nice balance between a strategic approach and an energetic approach, the energetic meaning you have to deeply believe in the approach that you’re about to take. It has to feel good. There’s a million different ways to launch a concept. There is a tool out there that already preexists in 2020 for you to be able to find a way to bring it to life and get it to market. The question is, which one is going to align with your energy [so that], when you’re using the tool, when you’re executing the concept, it actually feels good to bring it to life?” — Andrea Crowder [0:08:55]

“[Saying no] taught me to speak up for myself and say what I was not available for, and that is even more important than knowing what you are available for. It has served me well in business. As a call to action today, if you have never screamed the word ‘no’ driving down the freeway, today is your day.” — Andrea Crowder [0:18:26]

“When you’re in an elevated emotional state and something bad happens, the fear gets stored in the body somewhere. If you take that concept, you can flip it on its head and use it to your benefit. You get yourself into that elevated emotional state and store love, store passion, store creativity, store focus, store determination, store courage. Start to use the tool that you have, your mind and your body, and hack that shit!” — Andrea Crowder [0:38:57]

“If I want to feel free someday because I think my business is agent to get me there, because I think money is going to get me there, because I think accolades are going to get me there, that’s all bullshit. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. Freedom is the fulfillment, the relationships, the energy, the expression the energy, the direction, the opportunity, and then the money. Money is there, but it is last.” — Andrea Crowder [0:49:22]

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