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If you have ever considered working with a coach only to have your mind flooded with reasons why you should not, you are not alone! It is natural to have these thoughts because our brains are hard-wired to protect us. We can choose to act on these beliefs – which will only hold us back – or we can acknowledge them, let them go, and take action anyway. Getting out of your own way is not easy, which is why having a coach can help tremendously. Lindsey Mango once again joins Chris, where they unpack the most common limiting beliefs that hold people back from working with a coach. We hear more about the fear of not seeing results, thinking you do not have enough money, spousal objections, and believing you are too busy. All of these beliefs are incredibly common and you should not beat yourself up for having them. It is about seeing what they can teach you about pushing yourself and the importance of investing in your most important asset – your mindset. Remember, the thoughts you have go with you into everything you do, which is why coaching is never going to be a waste. We can only go so far on our own, so do not hesitate to get the help you need. Even Michael Jordan had a coach, so there is no reason you shouldn’t. To hear more about how to squash those doubts and get a coach, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– A quick overview of the four recurring limiting beliefs Chris and Lindsey see.

The biggest objection to coaching: People are afraid they will not see results.

Our brains are hardwired into protecting us from failure, but this can stop us from trying.

The importance of empowering your own mind (and body) to achieve true happiness.

It is not about not being afraid; it is about not letting fear stop you from taking action.

Why you should not let money hold you back from investing in coaching.

If money is holding you back from coaching, what else is it holding you back from?

There is no greater asset than your mindset, so invest in it as much as you can!

Some of the reasons that we might get held back by our spouse’s objections.

How Chris and Lindsey have worked through their different risk tolerances.

What Chris and Lindsey would say to a potential client with a spending limit.

Why – despite what you tell yourself – you are not too busy for coaching.

It is not a problem at all if you need a coach to help you get out of your own way.

No-one can achieve big without outside help.

Where to find Lindsey online and what she has going on at the moment.



“Our brains are wired to look for potential failure and potential pain. So, immediately when we have the opportunity to grow and accomplish something new, our brain is going to tell us all of the past reasons or past evidence of why we’re probably not going to get results this time.” — Lindsey Mango [0:04:50]

“The words you choose to use reflect what you are thinking.” — Chris Goodman [0:07:30]

“As you become more resourceful, especially through coaching and you learn how to think differently, you create your income. You are not a slave to it.” — Chris Goodman [0:14:17]

“Sometimes you have to take a stand for somebody and what they really want to get out of life.” — Chris Goodman [0:27:48]

“What’s the harm in asking for a little help from time to time?” — Chris Goodman [0:32:23]

“It’s not that you should have it figured out. It’s that you want to go bigger, stronger, faster. That’s what a coach is going to allow you to do.” — Lindsey Mango [0:33:57]

“Any objection you have to investing in yourself and hiring a coach is going to be the same objection you have to creating the results you want.” — Lindsey Mango [0:37:07]


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