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While many of us may think successful leadership is about scaling and making huge profits, effective leaders understand one thing better than anything else: People. To truly lead, you need to have insights into what makes your employees tick, otherwise, your business will continually fall short of any of its goals. In this episode, Chris unpacks the relationship between basic needs like due recognition, certainty, and effective leadership. By fulfilling these needs, as a business leader, you are far more likely to get the best out of your employees. Chris shares some of his leadership mistakes along with actionable steps you can take today to turn your leadership around for the better. If you are feeling stuck as a founder, business owner, or manager in any way, this is the show for you.

Key Points From This Episode:

– The three most common symptoms of poor or weak leadership in a business.

Unpacking John C Maxwell’s idea that ‘everything rises and falls on leadership.’

Take the time to pause and think about how you can do better as a leader.

Businesses, like individuals, have a set of specific needs.

Lessons from Traction around having a scorecard and keeping track of business progress.

Why it is so important to make people feel significant and Chris’s failure in this aspect.

Leaders have to create a sense of certainty in their businesses.

Employees are showing up for a lot more than just a paycheck.

The value of getting to know your employees and what truly inspires them.

Why leaders need to pay more attention to how they bring employees into the company.


“Your employees are not showing up for just a paycheck. Yes, that’s part of what they want, but what they really want is whatever that paycheck is going to do for them.” — Chris Goodman [0:08:26]

“You just have to have something to give these people hope and inspiration to hold onto, something, a signal that says, ‘I genuinely care about you beyond your employee relationship. I care about you as a human.’” — Chris Goodman [0:10:45]

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