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The importance of asking questions cannot be overstated, whether it be to the discipline of coaching or your growth journey. In today’s episode, listeners get to hear Chris take the mic without a guest and weigh in on the importance of questions. For Chris, without questions, coaches can only advise their students, whereas by asking the right questions, students go on a journey of discovery which is so much more necessary for true growth to occur. Chris speaks about a few specific reasons for why questions work so well as drivers for growth and coaching, drilling down on their ability to help us get curious, help us examine what is true and what is possible, and help us get somewhere new. After that, Chris switches gears, zooming in on one question in particular, which is, “Who must you become to get what you want?” He unpacks the words in this question, talking about how they fit together to encourage a process in the person that asks it to themselves, a process that turns a seemingly unreachable dream into a problem that can be solved in a step by step fashion. Fundamental to the effectiveness of this question is the concept of neurolinguistic programming which, by tuning in, you’ll learn more about too. Listen along and accept the challenge in this episode to implement this question by answering it and applying it to your life and business today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– The centrality of questions to coaching and achieving relentless growth.

Without questions, a coach can only advise, where true growth involves discovery.

Questions keep us in curiosity and help coaches step out of the, ‘You should do this,’ role.

Secondly, questions help us to critically examine ‘the truth’, to see if a better way is possible.

Thirdly, questions can be used as the vehicle for change, helping us get somewhere new.

The need to get uncomfortable in order to grow, which can only happen if you question yourself.

Chris’s plan to have episodes dedicated to the most useful questions he asks as a coach.

Today’s question: “Who must you become to get what you really want?”

Chris unpacks each word in this question, why it is included, and what it implies.

The concept of neurolinguistic programming referring to the relationships between words and thoughts.

The need for coaches to listen carefully to what their students say.

Some examples of times where Chris asked himself today’s question in his life.



“I want you to understand that questions are mission-critical to coaching. They are also mission-critical to growth.” — Chris Goodman [0:01:29]

“Here’s the truth, you won’t grow staying right or comfortable, period.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:30]

“Questions help us get curious, help us examine what is true and what is possible, and they help us get somewhere new.” — Chris Goodman [0:05:28]

“Who must you become to get what you really want?” — Chris Goodman [0:07:30]

“Hopefully by now, you are picking up on a little bit of what I have learned which is called neurolinguistic programming. It’s a fancy way to say that the words we choose to use in our language matter.” — Chris Goodman [0:12:44]


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