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Participating in a live coaching session on air takes a lot of courage, and today’s guest, Megan Thompson, has stepped up to the plate. In this episode, Megan, who is an existing client of Chris’s, shares the current confidence roadblock she is facing. As someone who has already experienced a 60 percent increase in fulfillment in just five sessions, Megan has seen just how powerful coaching and be, and her desire is now to share that with others. Of course, when trying something new, self-doubt sets in, so we talk about how to act from a place of confidence and ultimately make better decisions. Megan knows that she has to look for evidence to prove her limiting beliefs wrong, and this has already come in the form of being told she is a great coach. Although validation from others can be helpful, Megan displays incredible awareness knowing that true, unshakeable confidence comes from within. We also talk about acting from a place of abundance and not scarcity, reframing rejection as a learning moment, and why you cannot solve your problems with the same brain that created it. Megan is a fantastic example of someone who enjoys the challenge of continually showing up for themselves and pursuing growth. Tune in to hear more!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know Megan, why she chose a career in sales, and the fulfillment she finds from this.

Megan’s celebration this week: A coaching session with a friend and working out every day.

How Megan would know she has full confidence in her coaching ability.

What Megan feels at the thought of pitching her coaching service right now.

The paralysis Megan feels when she is overwhelmed and the results she gets.

Excitement Megan experiences at the thought of taking the ideal steps as a coach.

Finding evidence to prove your fears wrong to pursue your dreams.

The barriers that stand in Megan’s way of showing up as a confident coach.

Why defining success by other people’s standards made Megan so unhappy.

The empowerment that Megan feels making decisions from a place of confidence.

How journaling has helped Megan get her head right for the day.

The massive action Megan knows she needs to take — Sharing her coaching services with people.

Why sharing the results she has had from coaching is important to Megan.

What Megan is willing to commit to make her desired transformation a reality.



“Any time you make a decision from fear, then it’s mostly likely the wrong one.” — Megan Thompson [0:19:04]

“Your thoughts are going to create those feelings. Those feelings will immediately devolve into action or inaction and that will predict the results you get.” — Chris Goodman [0:21:11]

“My success isn’t rooted in other people’s acceptance of me, but it’s instead rooted in how I feel about my ability and if I’m pleased with my outcome or not.” — Megan Thompson [0:26:22]

“If I can show people the life that I’m building for myself and the life that I want to continue to build and create, people are so attracted to that and they want that freedom and excitement too.” — Megan Thompson [0:39:26]


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