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We may think that we know what we want our lives to look like, but are we simply chasing other people’s success or actually following our own bliss? Although this may sound like a simple question to find the answer takes some serious effort. Today’s guest, Rob Murgatroyd, has not only put in the work to find true fulfillment, but he has helped countless others do the same. Along with being a coach, he is also considered the ultimate authority on “regret management,” and is a top 200 iTunes Podcaster with his hit show, Work Hard Play Hard. In this episode, we dive into what it means to be truly content and how your thoughts create your reality. Having grown up in an abusive, alcoholic household, Rob chose to use this to propel his life forward rather than holding him back. Although it took him some time to ultimately get to where he wanted to be, he is the embodiment of what it means to live a fulfilled life. We talk about what keeps people in the positions they are, where Rob shares his unique approach to overcoming risks. Making decisions is not the hard part; it’s about having the resolve to stick with them, and Rob explains how he has worked to find peace in his decision-making. We also hear some words of wisdom for those who feel stuck, the huge benefits that come with hiring a coach, and why coaching is more of an art rather than a science. To hear more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

– If you have a gift, you should share it with the world!

Get to know Rob, his fascinating background, and what he’s up to now.

The importance of self-awareness in coaching and not always moving the goal line.

How growing up in an abusive, alcoholic household instilled grit and persistence in Rob.

The story of how Rob gave up his chiropractic practice to create the life he truly desired.

Some of the difficulties that come with creating your own vision board.

How Rob overcame imposter syndrome and how his environment has helped him with this.

The difficult work of finding what lights you up.

Why so many people are afraid to make changes and take risks.

How Rob took up surfing and mitigated all of the risks that came with it.

Decision-making tips and moving from deciding to resolve.

Taking small steps that move the needle to get you to where you want to be.

Rob’s advice for people who feel stuck: Take stocking by having a high-level look at things.

How Rob helps his clients—who seemingly have everything—find fulfillment.

Why you should hire a coach, and Chris in particular.

How to find Rob online and some of the products he is offering.


“It’s very easy for me to see the success that someone else has and want to duplicate their success because they did it and not dig into, ‘What do I want? What am I passionate about?’” — @Jetsetlife [0:17:53]

“We get caught up in identities and stories that really don’t serve us.” — @Jetsetlife [0:19:13]

“I am really evaluating risk before I do anything and that helps me to be able to step into what I perceive the next thing that’s going to be fulfilling to me.” — @Jetsetlife [0:32:54]

“When you don’t feel good, nothing moves to you.” — @Jetsetlife [0:45:29]

“Are we here so we can make a paycheck or are we here so we can experience everything?” — @Jetsetlife [0:48:39]

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