The best in the world knows that learning never stops and that on the other side of every milestone is simply an opportunity for even greater growth and expansion. No-one is a better example of this insatiable desire for learning than today’s guest, the great Dr. Keith Waggoner. For more than 25 years, Keith has studied and developed patterns of success. As an expert in behavior dynamics, Keith can facilitate change in any area of life, which is why he is coveted by world statesmen, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and famous athletes to transform their lives! In this episode, we learn more about Keith’s childhood and how he turned growing up with an alcoholic father into his biggest blessing. Rather than getting stuck in his past, Keith asked the same question of himself that he does of his clients—“Now what?”— and pursued growth relentlessly. With experience in both psychology and coaching, Keith understands the differences and expands on them for us. He explains the benefits of a lifelong coaching relationship and the focus it can instill in people. This clear vision of what you want is the key to a purpose-filled life. Of course, we could not have Keith on without asking him about his affiliation with Tony Robbins and why he has stayed despite the brand’s enormous growth. His insights show Keith’s abundant mindset and his desire to help those around him succeed. We also touch on his work with the Navy SEALs, the importance of rituals, and cultivating confidence. Keith is a true coach, who has a knack for simplifying and distilling what it takes to have a life worth living! Tune in to hear it all.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The impact that Keith has had on Chris’ life and coaching.
  • How growing up in an alcoholic household motivated Keith to pursue psychology.
  • Keith’s lifelong passion for learning and getting two PhDs!
  • Understanding the overlaps and differences between psychology and coaching.
  • Misconceptions that people have about coaching and the relationship with their coach.
  • Keith’s experience of being affiliated with Tony Robbins’s company.
  • The importance of filling up your cup as a coach and Keith’s advice for doing this.
  • Three areas of life Keith continually fills with positivity: Thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • Training Navy SEALs and techniques they use to stay focused under pressure.
  • Not being attached to a certain way of doing things and pushing yourself to learn.
  • Creating rituals of appreciation and gratitude to come back to.
  • Keith’s confidence to coach high-level clients.
  • Developing a real thirst and hunger to succeed and how Keith has cultivated this.
  • Relationships are both a place to give and receive.
  • Final words from Keith about the power and beauty of coaching.
  • Finding Keith online and his latest project.



“You’ve got to learn how to use those times in your life to get better. You’ve got to learn how to grow from them or you’ll pay the consequences.” — Keith Waggoner [0:03:27]

“Coaching is meant to be a lifelong relationship because you always want to get better. There’s always room to grow.” — Keith Waggoner [0:11:05]

“The best of the world, including the best coaches, never stop training either.” — Keith Waggoner [0:32:43]

“Fulfillment is based on your ability to be grateful.” — Keith Waggoner [0:40:40]

“The thing that makes me confident is just the forward movement of serving people.” — Keith Waggoner [0:42:39]

“Remember that you never have to have all of the answers. And, as a coach, I never feel like I need to have all of the answers. All I need is a good set of questions.” — Keith Waggoner [0:45:27]

“Proximity is power. That means that which is around you has a huge influence and impact on you. ” — Keith Waggoner [0:48:50]

“Relationships are first and foremost a place to give but you also must be willing to receive.” — Keith Waggoner [0:52:16]


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