Are you tired of feeling like you were born to make a difference, but something mysterious keeps holding you back? What if the biggest obstacle is yourself? In this episode, we speak to high-performance coach and business mentor Jake Kauffman about his journey to finding his true purpose and why the pain stops when you embrace truth. Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning for sexual abuse. With a background in healthcare sales, Jake has pivoted to coaching, providing a guiding hand to entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers. By unlocking their potential for personal growth, he helps pave the way for business expansion and game-changing breakthroughs. In our conversation, we discuss his new book, Let Love In, why he decided to write it, the context of the book, how the writing process has helped him grow, what he hopes to achieve with the book, and the hurdles he faced while writing. We also delve into his approach to coaching, the difference between conscious and unconscious desires, why pain is not necessarily bad, and the dire state of mental health. Hear about a defining moment in his life, why you need to accept your weaknesses, key insights from the book, the risks of unprocessed pain, and much more. Tune in to discover the power of letting love in and allowing yourself to be seen with Jake Kauffman!


Key Points From This Episode:

– An introduction to Jake and a brief background of his professional career journey.

– Why being out of your comfort zone is needed for personal growth.

– What motivated him to write his new book, Let Love In.

– Find out why coaching should go beyond the behavioral level to be effective.

– Learn the definition of truth and how it relates to pain.

– An overview of the covert strategies people use to avoid pain.

– Lessons from his writing experience and what he hopes to achieve with the book.

– Trigger warning: For listeners who wish to avoid Jake’s account of sexual abuse, please skip audio between [0:28:14] and [0:31:03] and between [34:42] and [36:10].

– Jake shares the moment when experiencing the truth started for him.

– Hear about his personal growth experience and how he confronted his pain.

– The biggest surprise of the book writing process. 

– Outline of the belief systems that cause people to self-sabotage.

– Jake tells us what readers can expect to take away after reading his book.


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