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While most people will try to convince you that life is complicated, today’s guest, Todd Paxton, does the exact opposite. He knows that the secrets to a happy and fulfilled life are simple. This does not mean that it is easy, but it’s undoubtedly within everyone’s reach. Todd is not only Chris’ mentor, but he is also responsible for Chris’ marriage and selling Chris his first home. In this episode, we hear some of Todd’s insights. In a world that’s full of noise and clutter, Todd’s calm clarity is refreshing and revitalizing. He offers some advice for those who feel like their work does not matter. As someone who has done it all from mowing lawns to nursing to being a business owner, Todd knows that if you are willing to look for lessons, they will be there for you!  Another golden nugget Todd shares are not being afraid of failing. It’s fine to be scared to make major life pivots, but take action anyway. Along with this, we also explore how Todd has built his phenomenally successful team, why we need to rethink what society tells us about being secure, and the importance of serving others in all that we do. Throughout this conversation, Todd’s zeal for life and a unique outlook on personal growth is tangible. To hear more from the man who changed Chris’ life, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

– Why Chris decided to name this episode ‘Iron Sharpens Iron.’

Chris and Todd’s relationship and how it’s played out over the years.

Todd’s background and his incredible, winding journey to becoming a business owner.

Word’s from Todd about the work you’re currently doing — It matters!

Lessons that Todd learned from his time as a traveling nurse, working so close to death.

Why Todd believes that people overcomplicate the path to success.

Take action and accept that you are going to make mistakes.

What you lose when you do not take action.

An example from Todd’s life that most people would see as a failure that he views as a catalytic learning moment.

Todd’s advice for those who have ‘what ifs’ flying around their heads.

How Todd built such an empowered team with a high level of autonomy.

Leadership lessons from Todd: Meet people where they are and find out how to get them to their goals.

The tradeoff between safety and security in a job and freedom and flexibility working for yourself.

Why so many people are trapped by security rather than being free.

If you want freedom, then go for it; there is so much opportunity out there!

Leading with a servant’s heart and understanding our role in helping others.

The Lobster Man story and the profound lessons it holds.

The main takeaways from this incredible conversation with Todd.

Closing words: Decide what you want to be and go be it!


“I want you to realize that there’s somebody within arm’s reach of you today who has the potential to push you through all kinds of levels of growth whether you realize it or not.” — Chris Goodman [0:06:48]

“Your work that you’re currently doing is worthy.” — Todd Paxton [0:10:37]

“What are we doing today to move the ball forward or to have more fun?” — Todd Paxton [0:14:34]

“You won’t tell your kids no, so why are you telling yourself no?” — Todd Paxton [0:23:49]

“If we’re going to do it, we got to have fun. And if we’re not having fun, we ain’t going to do it.” — Todd Paxton [0:31:44]

“If you want something else, if you have in your heart of hearts a desire to do something different, then go for it because there’s plenty of opportunity out there.” — Todd Paxton [0:43:52]

“We’re here to help each other, man. It’s not about us.” — Todd Paxton [0:48:38]

Todd’s Bio

Todd Paxton has enjoyed considerable success as a Real Estate Broker in Southern Indiana and has been a top real estate agent in Southern Indiana for nearly 17 years. He works diligently to maintain a reputation as one of the area’s finest agents and has accumulated a terrific sales record. Todd has an aggressive yet professional approach to business that results in sales figures that are significantly above average. His work ethic, honesty, and persistence are the key reasons he has so many satisfied clients, and why he can assist you with smooth, low stress, and FUN real estate transaction.

Todd has grown several real estate businesses over the years in sales and investing in rental homes, apartments, subdivision development, and farms. Todd has led over 100 flip projects and most recently has added Onward Property Management to the services The Paxton Group provides to their clients.

A previous Cardiac ICU RN, Todd has a servant’s heart and enjoys helping others reach their goals. Born and raised in Clark County and a graduate of Indiana University Southeast (IUS) in New Albany, Todd is very familiar with local communities. Todd has volunteered with Charlestown High School’s Wrestling team, served on the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce among other various charitable causes. If not with clients, you can find Todd playing with his children Claire and Elijah, on a hiking or camping trip, on a boat somewhere sunny, scuba diving, working in the yard, or playing on a tractor or with a chainsaw. He has been happily married to his wife Lisa for 15 years and counting.

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