We all know the feeling of our emotions bubbling over in response to something that somebody else has said or done. These emotions may come in the form of rage, grief, shock, or anything in between. No matter our age or stage of life, emotional triggers are unavoidable, so it is vital that we learn how to deal with them in a healthy way. While you may not be able to control the initial thought that pops into your head when you get triggered, you can gain full control of your second thought, and that is what is most important! In today’s episode, Chris shares some powerful tools that you can use to de-escalate a triggering situation and turn a potentially harmful interaction into a more positive one. Tune in to find out how to live a happier, more peaceful life by proactively controlling your emotions!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Sharing some of the exact tools Chris teaches clients to use when they get triggered, offended, or hurt by someone’s words. This is all about keeping your personal power in the moment!

– Learning how to be aware of your own thoughts.

– Having a compassionate view of the world and believing the other person is doing the best they can.

– Asking the question: is this true, kind, or helpful?

– Thinking “in a moment like this…”

– Understanding that the other person is allowed to have an opinion and their own emotions.

– Using curiosity as a conversational tool.

– Creating psychological safety using time, quiet, and physical space.


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