If you’re looking to grow your service-based business, identifying the gatekeepers in your field and building relationships with them may be the best way to do so. It may sound obvious, but sometimes we lose track of the foundations when we hit a slow season. That’s why it’s so important to slow down and go back to the basics of business! In this episode, you’ll find out what gatekeepers are, how to get them on your side, and how to bring value to them and their communities while reaping the rewards of their connections. Tune in to discover the value of real relationships in business, then go forth and find your gatekeepers!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing today’s topic: gatekeepers!

– What gatekeepers are and how to use them.

– Divorce attorneys as gatekeepers in real estate.

– How to identify the gatekeepers in your field and get them on your side.

– The importance of authentically bringing value to gatekeepers and their community.

– The value of real relationships in business.


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