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Today we have a special one-on-one coaching session to share with you! Mother, business owner, wife, and real estate agent Kelsey Joy Rinker sits down with Chris for a deep dive into her dreams and ambitions as a realtor and a look at some of the things that have been holding her back recently. Spoiler alert! Since this chat, Kelsey has already made some amazing progress and has started putting some of the ideas discussed into practice. She is truly an amazing example of what is possible with an open mind and some healthy curiosity. Chris cycles in and out of a few different coaching modalities, applying some basic yet profound ideas to some of the hurdles that Kelsey has been encountering. When we get our issues and doubts out into the open, it always makes them more manageable and conquerable, it is just a matter of allowing them to be seen more clearly. So if you need a little boost and a clear example of the power coaching; from the physical steps we can take to calm our inner critic to stepping up as our own cheerleader, make sure not to miss this great conversation with Chris and Kelsey!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Kelsey shares a little about the most important things in her business and personal life. 

– The journey that Kelsey has been on in real estate and her business goals for this year.

– Exploring the parts of real estate that Kelsey enjoys the most. 

– The doubts and frustration that Kelsey currently experiences. 

– Kelsey imagines what it would feel like to reach her goals and adjust her expectations.

– Accepting the position of novice and the patience that is needed for success.    

– The most important steps involved in making a sale and the vital preparatory pieces. 

– The difference between shame and guilt. 

– Responding to the fear; Kelsey imagines what a better stance would look like. 

– Breathing and visualizing techniques that can help us break through some barriers and connect with our ideal future selves.  

– The task of bringing thoughts on our best selves into action every day.  

– Kelsey reflects on the impact of this session and the question it has brought up for her.  

– Practical steps for Kelsey to level up parts of her business as a realtor.   

– The benefits of consistent practice in the face of failures and disappointment. 

– The biggest takeaways from this episode about self-talk and expectations. 

– Planting the seeds for the success we wish to achieve. 

– A final question from Kelsey relating to the first steps to take.

– Kelsey’s words of encouragement to someone else facing similar challenges. 



“I’ve been trying to figure how to combine everything, while still having the fun and the joy in doing this.” — Kelsey Joy Rinker [0:04:17]

“I would really like to make 100k this year, but my previous years are far from that!” — Kelsey Joy Rinker [0:06:40]

“[I feel] confident that it is possible, and that I do just need to believe in myself.” — Kelsey Joy Rinker [0:45:16]


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