After Chris’s trip to Iceland for a leadership retreat with the team from UberStrategist, along with his wife Lindsey, our host is back for another episode of the Relentless Growth Podcast. From earthquakes to snorkeling in 37-degree water and experiencing the Blue Lagoon, today Chris shares with us his 16 most memorable experiences from Iceland and the lessons he learned along the way. You’ll hear about the UberStrategist team, what makes them so great, and how they informed Chris’s realization that business should be fun (and great people make business fun). He also explains what he learned about the global language of kindness, staying off your phone, and the rewards that come with getting out of your comfort zone before he challenges us to get out of ours. To hear about these and other profound lessons that Chris learned on his trip, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Today’s topic: Chris’s trip to Iceland and the lessons he learned there. 

– How Chris and his wife Lindsey ended up going to Iceland. 

– Why Iceland is a land of paradoxes. 

– The 16 top things that Chris experienced, from earthquakes to snorkeling in 37-degree water.

– The first lesson that Chris learned from this retreat.

– How great people make business fun and why business should be fun. 

– What makes the UberStrategist team so great.

– What to do if your business is not fun.

– How Chris realized that coaching changes lives.

– What Chris learned about the global language of kindness.

– What he learned about his phone and screen time. 

– The rewards that come with getting out of your comfort zone.

– A challenge to listeners to get out of their comfort zones.



“When you have the right team in place, everything becomes easier because the right people can laugh in the middle of one of the worst storms the business has ever seen.” — Chris Goodman [0:17:58]

“Life, the world, big adventures, they are not happening in your phone. They are happening outside. You need to go outside.” — Chris Goodman [0:23:41]

“There are parts of you that show up when you test yourself, and those parts, the world needs more of those parts.” — Chris Goodman [0:25:29]

“What’s one act of courage, compassion, kindness, exploration, adventure, fun? What’s something you can do today that if you did it, you would look back at today and go, ‘Wow, I was really alive’?” — Chris Goodman [0:26:07]


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