It’s so important to have a strategy for those times in life when you experience major stress. Not all stress management techniques are created equal, and during today’s episode, our host equips listeners with some powerful tools for stress management. Join us to hear how Chris manages extreme stress, why even non-traditional forms of coaching are beneficial, and how you can use the metaphorical ‘glass wall’ to shield yourself from the opinions of others. We explore how fixating on the future can cause suffering in the present moment, and Chris introduces us to a laughably simple idea that will help you manage your stress. Stress management changes when you consider yourself first and get clear on the one thing that you really want. Tune in to start to equip yourself to handle anything life throws at you today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Why not all stress management tools are created equal.

– What our goal should be: to be strong and equipped to handle whatever life throws at us.

– The first tool that Chris reaches for when he is extremely stressed: coaching.

– Why a lot of people argue against what Chris tells them about coaching.

– What Chris means when he says ‘coach.’

– The importance of finding someone to lean on in hard times.

– Using the metaphor of a ‘glass wall’ to illustrate how to shield yourself from the opinions of others.

– How we begin to suffer when we relate to the problems of others or fixate on the future.

– Remembering how much authority you have in the present moment.

– A laughably simple idea to help you manage your stress.

– An alternative to getting frantic in response to extreme stress that saves you time, energy, and stress.

– How to apply this tool to your life right now.

– Where stress really comes from.

– Taking control of your body through the breath.

– How stress affects clarity of thought.

– The power of getting clear on what you want.

– Consider yourself first.

– Where to find Chris online for further guidance on managing your stress.



“Some people have just never been taught to handle stress. And there are ways of handling it that are more empowering than others.” — Chris Goodman [0:01:40]

“The first tool or resource that I reach for when I get extremely stressed, it won’t be a surprise, I reach for coaching. I reach for my coaches.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:05]


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