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Today we’re tackling the age-old question of how to get people to do stuff! As coaches, it’s our job to inspire our clients to take action to change their circumstances and improve their lives. There are various ways to do so and in this episode, we’re unpacking the art of leverage in moving people to action. Tune in to hear the four best ways to identify which lever to pull to change the way people think and feel, which will ultimately lead to action.

Key Points From This Episode:

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  • Ways to inspire action.
  • The importance of accepting that you may not have the keys to unlock somebody.
  • The art of leverage in moving people to action.
  • Four ways to identify the appropriate lever to pull.
  • The six fundamental human needs.
  • How to demonstrate to people that their actions (or lack thereof) are costing them their needs.
  • Identifying people’s fundamental motivations to use as leverage.
  • Fear as a motivating factor.
  • How borrowing from someone’s future self helps them gain perspective.
  • The integral role changing how people think plays in inspiring them to take action.
  • Chris’ final piece of advice for fellow coaches!



“Sometimes we can get people to do things by changing the way they think. Sometimes we cannot get people to do things because we didn’t change the way they think or feel.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:27]

“How do I get somebody to do something? Well, I’ll show them how whatever they’re doing or not doing is costing them the need that they want the most.” — Chris Goodman [0:11:31]

“Fear will get the body to move, and sometimes that’s okay.” — Chris Goodman [0:15:19]

“Once we change how [people] think we’ll change how they feel, and those feelings are the integral piece of what they choose to do or not do.” — Chris Goodman [0:19:10]


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