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It isn’t a new idea that busyness doesn’t necessarily equate to success, and many people are starting to shift their focus towards passive income to support their dream lifestyles. Today’s guest takes it one step further, arguing the possibility of replacing your passive income with passionate income. Brian Luebben is a Real Estate Investor, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. Having made it to the top in a Fortune 500 Company, he decided that corporate life wasn’t for him and steadily started taking the steps to set himself up for true freedom and independence. We catch up with him all the way from Budapest, on his quest to travel around the world in one year while building the media company of his dreams. In this episode, Brian shares his inspiring philosophies on the “game of life”, choosing “light” work, and thriving off of a passionate income. We find out why he considers success to be a game of subtraction and how listening to podcasts can give you a head start in your career. Tune in to hear Brian’s advice for those who feel too restricted to reach for their objectives, and tactical steps for those who have made the bold choice to prioritize their passions.  


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing Real Estate Investor, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur, Brian Luebben.

– Brian’s advice for entrepreneurs caught in the “money game”.

– The ludicrousness of comparison and fixating on the opinions of others.

– How listening to podcasts gave Brian a head start in his real estate career.

– What compelled him to throw himself into learning a new industry.

– Brian updates us on his global travels and how he created the income streams to do so.

– His advice for those who feel too restricted to reach for their objectives.

– Going from passive income to passionate income.

– How to gauge if your work feels light or heavy.

– Four tactical steps to pursuing your dream life.

– The most significant lesson Brian is learning in his pursuit to work less and live more.

– Debunking the myth that success can only result from busyness.

– Why Brian considers success to be a game of subtraction.

– How he got started with podcasting.

– The game of life, according to Brian.

– Why he’s moving away from real estate to build a media company.

– How his identity has shifted along the way.

– The win-win-win model of podcasting.

– Brian’s goals in terms of identity and fulfillment.

– Parting advice for listeners!



“At the end of the day, it’s not about the money per se, it’s about what you can do with it and the kind of freedom you get from it.” — @theactionpod [0:04:07]

“The game is the climb. The more you enjoy the climb, the more you’ll enjoy your life.” — @theactionpod [0:08:03]

“Going from passive income to passionate income. That’s the pivot I think everyone needs to take.” — @theactionpod [0:16:31]

“The badge of honor isn’t to be worn by the one who works the most, but the one who gets the most done by working the least.” — @theactionpod [0:30:46]

“I’m unlearning the idea that I have to be busy to be successful.” — @theactionpod [0:31:37]

“The game of life is simply being dumb enough to believe in yourself.” — @theactionpod [0:39:50]


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