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“You can be anywhere you want to be in five years.” These are the words our host, Chris Goodman, heard from real estate entrepreneur and best-selling author Gary Keller at a real estate conference in 2014 that profoundly impacted his life. Today, Chris opens up about how he sat down in July of 2017 to design his vision for the future he wanted. He talks us through the four things that he wanted for himself, how he left his successful real estate career at its peak to start working towards this dream, and how he achieved it in just five years. From wanting to be married with one child to wanting to be more worldly, having a career that plays into his passions, and so much more, you’ll hear how Chris achieved his dreams, while also being encouraged by what is possible. To find out how you too can go about painting a picture for your ideal future and achieve it in just five years, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Today’s topic: how you can be anywhere you want to be in five years.

– A conference with Gary Keller that had such a profound impact on Chris’s life.

– What it would look like if you could have anything you wanted in five years. 

– How Chris left his real estate career at its peak.

– The four things that Chris wanted when he sat down in July of 2017 to design his vision for the future he wanted, starting with a wife and a child.

– A higher level of life experiences, being more worldly, and not settling.

– The career that would fund the life and trajectory that he wanted and play into his passions. 

– Building better and deeper relationships with more people. 

– The importance of being clear on your vision and working towards it. 

– How a coach may help you to achieve your goals.

– How this process is not complicated and a challenge to think bigger and get clear on your vision.



“Take the rules off, take the limits off what could be possible for you in five years. How big can you daydream here?” — Chris Goodman [0:02:47]

“We don’t have to settle. And my encouragement is neither do you if you just start getting clear on what this five-year plan looks like.” — Chris Goodman [0:10:30]

“You can be anywhere you want in five years. Where do you want to be? How clear are you in that vision? And are you working daily to make decisions that line up with that future?” — Chris Goodman [0:13:36]


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