Today on Relentless Growth, you’ll hear from two well-respected coaches about their approach to money, both as a married couple and as CEOs: those coaches are none other than your host, Chris Goodman, and his wife, Lindsey Mango (also known as Lindsey Goodman)! This conversation is a wonderful addition to some of the topics we have already covered on the podcast, including pushing how big you can think in your life and in your business and stretching the boundaries of what you believe is possible with your money, as well as your relationships. We take a deep dive into the roles of flexibility, trust, communication, and compromise and emphasize the value of examining whether your decisions are rooted in lack or abundance. We also spotlight the importance of allowing one another to make empowered decisions rather than asking for permission and remind you that there is no ‘right’ way to treat money as a married couple or as a CEO, plus so much more! This is an in-depth and insightful look at money, marriage, and business that you won’t want to miss! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– Our initial thought on how we manage money as a married couple.

– Why Lindsey’s strong, innate sense of commitment can be both a blessing and a curse.

– The role of flexibility when it comes to how you follow through on your commitments.

– The trust and communication that is central to how we manage our money as a couple.

– Insight into why we both see coaching as a priority investment in our businesses.

– The consequences of rooting your decisions in abundance or lack, fear or faith.

– Why money can be like a spotlight that illuminates issues beneath the surface of a marriage.

– The role of compromise and taking ownership of your emotions.

– Differentiating between “getting permission” and making empowered decisions.

– A look at our different approaches to how we manage money as CEOs.

– A reminder that money is neutral; we assign meaning to it!

– Tips for using your ‘why’ to guide your investment decisions.

– An invitation to examine your relationship with money, individually and as a couple.

– Why there is no ‘right’ way to treat money as a married couple or as a CEO.

– Using Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘cashflow quadrant’ to rethink financial freedom as business owners.

– Some of our favorite resources and recommended reads (and our key takeaways)!



“We aim high to hit a high standard. We’re realistic and adaptable when we need to be, but it’s also about committing. Just like your mortgage and your rent, if you are that passionate and serious about your money goals, especially as a [couple], you’ll find a way.” — Chris Goodman [0:11:09]

“I think of money like a spotlight on what is going on below the surface.” — Lindsey Mango [0:20:21]

“When we think about managing money or working towards something or stretching and getting uncomfortable, we’re not just going to say, ‘No. Not going to do it. Not even open to the possibility.’ We’re going to look for a compromise there, even if it stretches both of us.” — Chris Goodman [0:22:17]

“[Business] is an ebb and a flow. It doesn’t always mean risk everything and invest everything. You have to look at why you’re doing it. That is always going to be a guide to whether it is your growth or whether it’s your saboteur.” — Lindsey Mango [0:34:22]

“There are principles [and rules] to this game that you can play by that will probably net higher profit or higher revenue. You can go out and find those relatively easily. However, there is no one way to treat money as a married couple or as a CEO that is the gold standard.” — Chris Goodman [0:39:33]


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