Unfortunately, nobody is immune to frustration. It’s a completely normal symptom of being human and reacting to certain stimuli. We can, however, learn to take responsibility for our reactions and manage our feelings of frustration as they arise. In this episode, you’ll discover six ways to deal with frustration in a mature and healthy manner. We delve into the value of curiosity and how to employ the OODA loop in moments of frustration. And, if those tactics fail you, you can practice observing your thoughts and asking yourself who you need to be in this particular moment. Alternatively, you can simply change your state by changing your focus, or allow yourself some space and time, and today, you’ll find out how to do so! Tune in to learn more about managing your expectations, thus frustrations, with just six simple steps! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– What you can expect from the 90-day Relentless Growth Mastermind.

– The relentless nature of mastery.

– Today’s topic: how to deal with frustration!

– What frustration is and why we are personally responsible for our own frustration.

– How some people are behaviorally hardwired to get frustrated quicker than other people.

– The importance of taking a higher level of responsibility for your reactions.

– Step one: Approach your frustration with curiosity.

– Step two: Use the OODA loop to deal with frustration.

– Step three: Observe your thoughts in moments of frustration.

– Step four: Ask yourself who you need to be in this moment.

– Step five: Change your state.

– The triad of the human state: physiology, focus, and language.  

– Step six: Add some space and time.

– How to add space and time without physically leaving the room.

– A quick recap of the six best ways to deal with frustration!



“Every time we think we’ve mastered something, we hit a new level where the game changes or we change.” — Chris Goodman [0:05:47]

“The first thing I want you to understand about frustration is that it’s 100% up to us whether we feel frustrated or not.” — Chris Goodman [0:06:34]

“Frustration is simply a broken expectation that you had.” — Chris Goodman [0:06:45]

“If you’re not getting curious, chances are you’re in judgment. When you’re in judgment, it’s easy to get angry [and] blame somebody. It’s easy to be the victim.” — Chris Goodman [0:11:09]

“When your focus is on lack, you get lack. When your focus is on abundance, you get abundance. It’s not rocket science.” — Chris Goodman [0:24:41]

“Just like anything you want to master, get your 10,000 reps in, and maybe you’ll be one step closer to mastery.” — Chris Goodman [0:32:10]


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