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Joining us in conversation today, we have Ryan Brazzell, founder of Assistant Launch, which helps high level entrepreneurs and CEOs to gain freedom in their personal and professional lives by getting time back. Ryan’s team of Executive Assistants have saved clients over 10 million dollars worth of time, and over 60 000 hours for them to focus on high level activities. During today’s conversation, Ryan unpacks the difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Executive Assistant, before revealing the ins and outs of his process and how he gains a deep understanding of who the client is, personally and professionally, before determining what they need. Ryan introduces us to the three zones he uses to distinguish where you thrive, and where you need support. Learn about the role of coaching, his focus on helping clients to understand what is possible, and why it is so important to live a full life beyond your work. Tune in today to hear all this and more! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– The 90 Day Relentless Growth Masterclass and why Chris created it. 

– What you get with the 90 Day Mastermind, including weekly coaching, life advice, and friends for life.

– Ryan’s goal at Assistant Launch, to help level entrepreneurs and CEOs to gain freedom in their personal lives and get time back.

– The difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Executive Assistant and what that means.

– What we generally expect during the beginning phases of entrepreneurship and why it doesn’t have to be that way.

– What his process begins with: trying to get a deep understanding of who the client is. 

– Why part of their work is to help clients to understand what is possible.

– The conversation he has with every client about what they are passionate about and proficient at.

– What he refers to as the Distraction Zone: where you are passionate but not proficient.

– The Drudgery Zone where you are proficient at something but not passionate about it.

– The difference between having a time management problem and having a decision making problem.

– Why oftentimes you don’t need a second version of yourself, but someone who is different.

– A hindrance to hiring help: the question of what will be left for you to do. 

– The importance of coaching in identifying your blindspots.

– What Ryan’s girlfriend teaches her dance students: the importance of living a full life.

– The role of an executive assistant in getting you organized with expense tracking, bill management, and more.

– Why you have to understand how to properly delegate to thrive with an executive assistant.

– The self love, systems, and infrastructure necessary to support an executive assistance. 

– The general rule with anyone they hire: they have to be someone Ryan would have coffee with.

– Ryan’s book recommendations: Awareness, Almanack of Naval Ravikant, Traction, Rocket Fuel, the Third Door, Will by Will Smith, Blue Fishing.



“A lot of people struggle when they’re trying to hire a Virtual Assistant because what they really need is an Executive Assistant.” — Ryan Brazzell [0:11:48]

“I am able to understand what you really need and then my team focuses on filling those needs with somebody who’s really good at the stuff that you are not.” — Ryan Brazzell [0:14:37]


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