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We’re mixing things up today and have Lindsey back on the show for a personal exploration of Chris’ journey thus far!  We heard your requests for more personal information and background.. and we knew having Lindsey on would mean getting a whole lot more of the juicy bits we wouldn’t want you all to miss out on.  So we’re laying out this episode in a classic interview style with Lindsey drawing out all the best answers from Chris. While he’s in the hot seat, Chris describes his path from retreat leader, law student, realtor, and director of sales to owning his coaching business – despite a heartbreaking divorce at the height of his career!  

We get to hear about the early steps in Chris’ journey in his high school and college days that set the tone for a lifelong curiosity about growth and improvement. The success Chris experienced was due to the people he had around him and was able to learn from — another reminder of the power of coaching.  

We get to hear about the specific steps Chris took to get through some really difficult times, and how he managed to get back to a normal routine and healthy mindset (and meet Lindsey) and transition yet again — this time into coaching full time.  

So for all this and coaching tips in between, be sure to listen with us today on Relentless Growth.

Key Points From This Episode:

– The high school retreat that kicked things off for Chris!

Chris’ thinking going into college and the focus he had on happiness and a calling.

Graduating law school and starting work at a high profile firm!

The mentor that helped Chris along his way in his years working in law.

A pivotal moment that changed Chris’ trajectory and how he took control of his destiny.

The period following Chris’ decision to quit law school and the law firm.

A meeting that Chris arranged in order to look into real estate and its attraction.

The amazing subsequent meeting that solidified Chris’ decision to go into real estate.

Lessons from Chris’ time in real estate — the importance of training and mentorship.

The motivation for growth; a desire to reach peak performance. 

Some humps in the road and Chris’ marriage that fell apart at the peak of his career.

Chris’ important decision to go into therapy immediately after the separation.

The mindset shifts that enabled positive change after a devastating divorce.

Chris’ success in coaching and helping up and coming individuals.

Meeting Lindsey, asking her out, and how things went after the first date!

The decision to quit the real estate business and go full time into coaching.   

The different resources and individuals that pushed Chris to get to that next level.

Three themes through Chris’ journey; the desire to improve, mentorship, and growth.

The drive to relentlessly grow and what this means to Chris now.

Chris’ ideal client and the types of situations he is most suited to helping with.

How coaching can help anyone connect the dots and move forward to great results!

Connecting with Chris and the avenues that can be explored together.


“I wanted more freedom than I had. I didn’t really like the idea of clocking in.” — Chris Goodman [0:13:19]

“I learned that mentorship and training and what we now call coaching are non-negotiable if you want to operate at your best.” — Chris Goodman [0:19:46]

“I wanted to be my best, I wanted the people around me to experience what it is like being their best and that kept the wheels turning at a really fast pace.” — Chris Goodman [0:23:03]

“I got into therapy right away because I had seen how other people, really close friends, resisted therapy and it did long term damage.” — Chris Goodman [0:28:01]

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