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On today’s show, we’re taking a break from our regular format to bring you a live coaching session led by Chris Goodman himself! Tuning in you’ll hear him coach Kristen Sterling, a realtor from California, as they strategize goals on how to grow her business and uncover the fear, insecurity, and doubt that’s been holding her back. In their conversation Kristen shares her goal to create 75 YouTube videos to grow her business, what she hopes to gain from it, and what she suspects might be holding her back. You’ll hear Chris help Kristen uncover the root of her fears, how she has stepped out of her comfort zone in the past, and how anyone can draw on lessons from past successes to reach her goals. We also discuss the value of having a coach, why accountability is key, and how to find the type of motivation that is based on what you truly want. By the end of today’s session, Kristen seamlessly shifted from a fear mindset to one of abundance and was excited to get started with her project. We’re so happy that Kristen had the courage to participate in today’s live coaching session and can’t wait to see how her videos turn out. Tune to see Chris in action and get to know Kristen Sterling in this special episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

– See Chris in action during this special live coaching episode.

– Meet Kristen Sterling, a realtor from California and today’s special guest.

– An overview of what to expect from a coaching session with Chris.

– Kristen shares her desire to start a YouTube channel and grow her business.

– Hear Kristen unpack the obstacles that have prevented her from starting a channel.

– Chris helps Kristen identify a time in her life when she persevered through discomfort.

– How Kristen found extra confidence and reserves to see her through that season.

– Examples of how our brains protect us from vulnerability.

– Chris helps Kristen visualize how her decision-making would need to change for her to achieve her goals.

– Chris shares the exercise Pat Mancuso taught him about getting clear on one’s priorities.

– Hear Chris and Kristen brainstorm what the first few topics for her videos should be.

– How this exercise helped Kristen feel closer to her goals.

– Why it’s important to ask yourself ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’.

– Chris shares his observations on how Kristen shifted from a fear state to a contribution state during their session.



“Having a coach, it really helps with accountability, just to keep on track and keep focused.” — Kristin Sterling [0:19:11]

“When I get finished with a client, you know, we always spend some time together going ‘what worked about coaching for you?’. And most of the time, the first thing they say is ‘accountability’.” — Chris Goodman [0:19:18]

“I need to just have that confidence because, in those moments, I wasn’t worried about what people were going to think.” — Kristin Sterling [0:42:27]


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