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This episode of the Relentless Growth Podcast is a bit different. Today, our host Chris Goodman allows us to listen in on a live coaching session that he conducts with his wife Lindsey Mango. In order to show people how coaching can really help them achieve better results in different facets of their lives, Chris and Lindsey invite people in to witness exactly how it works. Prior to the session, Chris describes what you should be listening out for and Lindsey explains why she wanted to share this conversation and how the realization that she had in it is applicable to listeners. Tuning in you’ll learn about Lindsey’s goal, why she struggles to believe in this goal, and some of the doubts she has before Chris helps her unpack what is preventing her from fully believing in her dream. You’ll hear Lindsey’s profound realization about taking an emotional risk, why not being willing to take this risk could cost her everything, and how you can apply this revelation to your own life. For this emotional, real, raw, profound, and potentially life-changing discussion, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Chris decided to let us listen in on a live-coaching session with his wife Lindsey.
  • What you should listen out for in the conversation.
  • Lindsey’s intro to this episode and why she wanted to share this discussion. 
  • How this conversation exhibits what coaching looks like if you’re thinking of becoming a coach or a client. 
  • How the realization that Lindsey has in this conversation is applicable to listeners. 
  • The start of the coaching session and the goal that Lindsey wants to reach. 
  • The lack of belief she has in her goal and some of the doubts she has about it. 
  • What her beliefs would be if she had complete faith in her ability to hit her goal.
  • How Chris perceives the differences between her doubts and her beliefs.
  • The resistance Lindsey feels in her body that prevents her from believing in her dream. 
  • How Lindsey feels caught between a trust fall and trying to have complete control.
  • The realization that the emotional risk involved is the part that she is most afraid of. 
  • How not being willing to take this emotional risk could cost her everything.
  • What it would look like to move forward without regret. 
  • How Lindsey hopes to be leading by example by taking this emotional risk.
  • More resources to help you on your coaching journey.



“I mean it sounds crazy, and it’s not comfortable thinking about the entire world listening in on your most vulnerable thoughts in that moment, or your insecurities, your fears, your worries, your doubts, or your big goals that maybe you’re not on track with. We thought, ‘You know what? This is what real people, like you listening, are struggling with.’” — Chris Goodman [0:01:19]

“I want you to think about what is the cost of you not taking the emotional risk you need to take in order to go after what you want in this life. Because when you see that the cost of that is far greater than the emotional risk, you will make a decision in that moment.” — Lindsey Goodman [0:09:17]

“I have no other choice than to be willing to believe thoughts that don’t feel true yet.” — Lindsey Goodman [0:24:28]

“So far I’ve gotten a result that’s reflected the emotional risk I’ve been willing to take. So if I want to help more people take more emotional risk, I have to be willing to take more emotional risk. ” — Lindsey Goodman [0:28:07]


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