My coaching clients are benefiting from Pat Mancuso’s work and I’m so impressed that I had to share it with you here…

Pat is helping some of my clients get nearly 200k EACH with a ERC recovery.

What does that mean, and why does that matter to you?

Because if you have W2 employees, and enjoy getting money back that’s already earmarked for businesses like yours, then you need to listen to today’s guest…

You might remember Pat Mancuso from one year ago on Relentless Growth episode #54 (when we discussed how to stop wasting your potential in life & business.) Pat is a highly recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, and consultant, and one of the greatest coaches in the world (and I know because I’ve coached with him for hundreds of hours).

He has built multiple successful businesses, including a real estate brokerage firm that reached nearly one billion dollars in less than four years.

And now I’ve asked Pat to come back onto the show to specifically discuss ONE THING:How he’s helping business owners get ERC (Employee Retention Credit) checks.

If you own a business this can potentially help you get money (that you’ve already earned) into your hands so you can grow your business even faster.

Hear how in today’s episode!

Highlights from #106:

– Get started with this free ERTC

– Survey to see if you qualify for credit recovery.

– Introducing Pat Mancuso: coach, CEO, consultant, thought leader, and successful entrepreneur.

– What is ERC and why does it matter for business owners?

– The widespread misinformation and lack of knowledge regarding ERC credit recovery.

– What Pat discovered when he first explored the tax credit recovery for himself.

– Advice to people who hesitate to pursue credit recovery.

– Why you should still take advantage of credit recovery even if your business did ‘okay’ during the pandemic

– How clients get audit protection with Pat’s company

– Why a research analyst prepares in-depth details about the implication of government mandates on each individual client

– How conflict can arise when your CPA lacks knowledge in credit recovery (aka, how you might get poor advice)

– Requirements to qualify for ERC / ERTC

– Pat’s advice: you owe it to your business to educate yourself about this and see if you business is eligible!

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