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Oftentimes, entrepreneurs choose their path to avoid the tyranny of overbearing employers. Why, then, do so many become their own terrible boss? Joining us today to share his open-minded, openhearted perspective is our very own coaching client, Mario Kroll. Mario has a fascinating background, from serving in the US Army JAG Corps to founding Wargamer, rebooting and leading Kalypso Media’s North American and Asian video game publishing business, and finally founding the impressively successful gaming PR and marketing company, UberStrategist. In this episode, you’ll find out how Mario overcame the entrepreneurial myth, stepped back, and empowered his team to exercise their expertise. You’ll also learn about Mario’s mindfulness practices and how coaching assisted his personal transformation, as well as how it continues to benefit both him and his team. Mario is someone who has dared to follow his passions and look within, and today, he fills us in on how he has mastered the four-day work week and how he aims to guide his employees to unlock the answers, rather than simply telling them what to do. Tune in to hear Mario’s inspiring journey, and to find out how you too can avoid being a prisoner in your own business! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing Chris’ coaching client, Mario Kroll, CEO of UberStrategist.

– UberStrategist’s impressive word-of-mouth referral rate.

– The exponential growth UberStrategist has seen and Mario’s ambitious goals for 2022.

– Mario’s inspiring story of personal growth, from divorce and bankruptcy to immense success.

– Resources for those struggling with addiction.

– How coaching has assisted Mario’s transformation.

– Mario’s goal to create opportunities for others with his business.

– What he attributes his success to: luck, reputation, and empowering others!

– How Mario overcame the entrepreneurial myth, stepped back, and empowered his team. 

– Mario’s recommended books.

– How coaching and mindfulness practices have shifted his mindset.

– What prevents entrepreneurs from keeping things simple, fun, and easy.

– Mario’s advice for other business owners: take inventory of your successes and define your own metrics of success.

– How Mario’s mindfulness practice has influenced his business.

– How both Mario and his team have benefited from Chris’ coaching.

– The debilitating nature of perfectionism.



“I’ve gotten a lot more tenacious about carving out time for myself, things I will and won’t do, clients that we will and won’t work with. Those are all systemic things that coaching really helped me address.” — Mario Kroll [0:26:08]

“The important thing was finding people who are no longer there for just a paycheck, but people who come in, bring their passions, and show they have a bunch of talents beyond what they were hired for.” — Mario Kroll [0:32:49]

“[Give] yourself permission to enjoy the fruits of your labor and not [feel] like, if you work more, then you’re more successful.” — Mario Kroll [0:42:23]

“It’s okay to take two steps forward and one step back. The only person that can dictate the right pace and the right destination is you. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.” — Mario Kroll [1:04:05]


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