My friend Chris Harder is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC, CNBC, Medium, and Yahoo Finance. Every single time I talk with him I leave the conversation thinking bigger, bolder, and with more intention for my life and business.

Today’s episode will leave you thinking the same way…

Chris and his wife Lori have started and scaled FOUR different multi-million dollar businesses (along with investing in several other successful startups). Plus his hit podcast has earned more than 5 million downloads featuring Chris’ advice and guests like Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, John Maxwell, Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett and dozens of others life-changing experts. Chris’ entire brand helps entrepreneurs bust through their limiting money-mindset beliefs and faulty strategies in order to become unapologetic about their pursuit of wealth and success. He’s also building a brand new peer-to-peer lending platform that will completely change the way people think about lending and borrowing money.  

The confidence Chris exudes makes you think he hasn’t hit many bumps in the road, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. About 10 years ago, Chris lost his job, his home, and most of his possessions. In today’s episode, he explains why he looks back on that experience as one of the best things that ever happened to him, and why he has become SO intentional about making memories with the people he loves.

We discuss why ego is your greatest overhead, the value of releasing judgment, how to know if you should pursue a new opportunity, why relationship capital is more important than financial capital, and lots more!  If you’re struggling to find your path, Chris Harder’s wisdom is just what you need to hear today. 


Highlights from this episode:

– Why Chris believes relationship capital is more important than financial capital.

– How Chris has grown his podcast to more than 5 million downloads over the past 3 years, and how you can do the same with yours. 

– Chris’ opinion of saturation in the market.

– The responsibility of having a large social media following.

– Chris explains how the rise of cancel culture affected him in the past, and why it no longer does.

– Fundamental characteristics that make Chris who he is.

– The Power 9: one of Chris and his wife, Lori’s, daily practices.

– Excitement about the upcoming charity dinner Chris and Lori will be a part of.

– How to know if your ego is making your decisions.

– Chris speaks candidly about the major life changes he was forced to make during the last recession, and why he now views this time as a positive experience.

– How Chris learned to let go of judgment and ego.

– Valuable advice for anyone going through a “rock-bottom” experience.

– The business Chris is building which will change lending/borrowing dynamics.

– Why you should never sacrifice “great for good.” 

– How Chris knows when an opportunity isn’t worth pursuing.

– A lesson in how you can still thrive in a struggling economy.

– Chris Harder’s recommended books.

– Why Chris loves his “classy and angry” Aston Martin. 

– One of my favorite memories with Chris and the story of a 1982 wine at Wallys in Santa Monica.

– How Chris Harder wants to be remembered.

– Two daily offerings you can subscribe to by texting ‘Daily’ and/or ‘Bulletproof’ to Chris



“If you’re going to invest in anything in life, make it relationship capital, and the rest will all just fall in line.” — Chris Harder [0:03:31]

“When you have a large audience, you have a large responsibility to make sure you are vetting every word that comes out of your mouth, so that when people blindly trust in you or follow what you say or share your stuff, they are sharing something that is going to make the world a better place.” — Chris Harder [0:11:56]

“No matter what you do, no matter what you say, half the people are going to love it and half the people are going to dislike it.” — Chris Harder [0:15:07]

“Doing nothing is a certain way to be unhappy. That much I know.” — Chris Harder [0:17:45]

“Ego is your greatest overhead.” — Chris Harder [0:25:18]


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