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With little to no money, Steve Valentine and his wife have amassed a real estate portfolio worth 50 million dollars. During today’s episode, he encourages listeners to start small, remembering the old adage that says, ‘a faucet fills a bucket’. He tells the story of his journey to success, moving from working for investors to working with them, hiring a life coach at the height of his success, and landing on the term ‘wealth builder’ to direct the course of his career. Steve urges listeners to invest in themselves so that they make better decisions with what they have, before touching on some common myths that curb real estate success. Using stories from his own life, Steve shares the details of how he turned around the complicated legacy left behind by his father in order to build generational wealth for his children. He believes in aiming for maximum problem-solving rather than maximum profit for his clients and reveals how he goes about building strong relationships within his business by being his most authentic self. Join us for an episode jam-packed with hard-earned lessons and resources to grow your portfolio today! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– An introduction to today’s guest, strategic real estate investor, Steve Valentine.

– How Steve started out, partnering with his parents, and his father’s legacy of knowledge.

– Distinguishing between working with investors versus working for investors.

– The story of how Steve and his wife amassed a 50-million-dollar real estate portfolio over the last seven years, with little to none of their own money.

– What led him to hire a life coach despite having so much success.

– Why it is essential to invest money in yourself.

– How Steve landed on the term ‘wealth builder’ and how he helps clients build wealth.

– Common myths: the importance of leaderboards, problem-solving, and wealth.

– How undervalued a real estate license can be in building wealth.

– The story of how Steve acted according to the principle ‘say yes and figure out how later’.

– Why he chose to use the Seasoning Rule.

– How his portfolio reduces the amount he has to pay to the IRS each year by $2000 per house.

– Statistics around real estate investment and sales.

– The specific Buy Box he has developed based on the data he has collected.

– Why real estate can be considered a game of climbing up levels of consciousness.

– Why every seller doesn’t need the maximum amount of profit, but the maximum problem-solving.

– The golden ticket of advice Steve’s father left him with: don’t die with no real estate!

– Setting up generational wealth so that your children can do the same thing as you, but also change other people’s lives.

– His goal: 50 single homes at the age of 50, bringing in $50 000 in net income.

– The 50 percent income tax that isn’t shown when people tell their stories of real estate success.

– Why you have to give up some instant gratification in order to find success.

– Why he prioritizes building strong relationships within his business.

– How he gave himself permission to be exactly who he is.

– Why you have to have a full-time CFO to manage all the finances in your business.

– The importance of having a CPA who looks after all your taxes.

– Book recommendations from Steve: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Cashflow Quadrant.

– His advice for listeners: a dripping faucet fills a bucket! 

– One final book recommendation: Atomic Habits.



“In the last seven years, we have acquired more than a thousand homes. 800 of those we have renovated and flipped, and we have managed to keep and maintain 75 doors that are rental properties. So, we have amassed a 50 million dollar real estate property portfolio over the last seven years, with little to none of our own money.” — Steve Valentine [0:04:01]

“I get this question from people all the time, I’ve got $10 000 or $20 000 to invest, where would you invest it? And I always tell people, in yourself. Because if you’re not investing in yourself and you’re not growing, that $10 000 or $20 000 you’re investing is probably going to be on a whim, and it’s probably not going to have a very good return.” — Steve Valentine [0:07:15]

“I believe that the bigger problem you solve for someone the more income you will generate and the more wealth you will generate if you can get past instant gratification.” — Steve Valentine [0:11:27]


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