This episode is one for the books, as our guests are also the creators of one of the wonderful bourbon-based variations we’ll try on the show. Janell and Mike Bass are the founders of Ponyboy Slings, a brand that offers up a new and exciting way to drink whiskey. Their passion for beverages and decades-long experience in the industry made this venture a no-brainer for the dynamic duo, and they’ve developed innovative techniques for working as a couple that are applicable to all industries. Today, we taste all three of Ponyboy Slings’ drinks, starting with their flagship offering the Bourbon Popstar, and working our way through the Derby Cream Soda to end with My Cherry Amour. Janell and Mike offer some insight into the effort it takes to bring a new product to market, why having an excellent palate is both a blessing and a curse, and their unique perspective on building trust as business partners. They also share their beautiful wedding story before diving into the long-term vision for their brand, their advice for prospective startup owners, and what they want people to know and remember about Ponyboy Slings. We loved every single one of Ponyboy Slings’ unique cocktails in a can and will be ordering the Bubbly Bombshell and the Ponyrony on repeat!


Key Points From This Episode:

– How Janell and Mike ended up choosing their company name: Ponyboy Slings.

– The way their passion and experience in the beverage industry fueled their business.

– Rocket Fuel: How Janell and Mike have engineered new ways to work as business partners.

– Getting into Ponyboy Slings’ products, starting with their flagship drink, the Bourbon Popstar.

– Discussing the effort it took to bring their drinks to market and some breakthrough moments.

– Why it’s a blessing and a curse to have an excellent palate.

– The story of Janell and Mike’s surprise wedding.

– The ins and outs of Ponyboy Slings’ wildcard cooler, the Derby Cream Soda.

– Moving on to our final Ponyboy Slings taster, My Cherry Amour.

– Mike and Janell explain the long-term vision for their brand.

– What they want people to know about Ponyboy Slings, including the Ponywagon.

– The Bubbly Bombshell and the Ponyrony!


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