Sitting down with us for this episode of Bourbon and Breakthroughs is the founder of The Unrule/y Entrepreneur, none other than Andrea Crowder! Andrea has such a passion for life and business, and her amazing story of evolution and the premium she gives to creativity is bound to strike a chord with each and every listener in a variety of ways. We get to hear from Andrea about why many of our ideas about success can be unhealthy and fictitious, how she handles pressure, ways to use the power of imagination and the best strategies for overcoming the inevitable challenges that life throws at us. Andrea also shines a light on managing emotions and learning from errors, two things that have made all the difference for her and her business. One of the grounding principles at The Unrule/y Entrepreneur is the culture of celebration that they embody, and by listening in you will get some great insight into how this leads to making a profit while having fun, so join us to hear it all from Andrea Crowder.


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing today’s bourbon from Heaven’s Door and its notable characteristics.

– Andrea talks about being a ‘people coach’ and her main areas of expertise.

– The dangers of entrepreneurship and our common myths about success.

– Prioritizing creativity, focus, and logic in your business.

– An explanation of Andrea’s ‘pleasure over pressure’ ethic.

– A few of Andrea’s recent highlights and the massive income increase she has facilitated.

– Why the highest paycheck is not always the best option.

– Letting go of the obligations that do not serve us and our energy levels!

– Andrea’s thoughts on hiring smartly and the best practices for leaders and their teams.

– Advice for aligning company culture; self-regulation, learning from mistakes, and more.

– Enjoying the possibilities of the contemporary business landscape and having fun!

– Underlining the most important question that Andrea wants listeners to ask themselves.

– Andrea shares her beliefs about the source of her great results.

– Detailing and naming Andrea’s cocktail!

– Rapid fire questions with Andrea about meaning, excitement, transformation, and more.

– How and where to connect with Andrea online. 


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