No one is a self-made success. It all takes other people. Todd Paxton has empowered many other people to find real estate and personal success and he joins us today to tell his story. While sipping on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan, Todd sits down to share his breakthrough following a near-death experience last year and how this affected how he leads his team. Using the tale of the young and old bull, he explains his strategy of slowing down to speed up. We discuss parallels between Todd’s work as a sports coach and a leader in real estate and Todd shares the biggest breakthrough he has had: to meet people where they are. Hear about the necessity of looking for talent everywhere and Todd’s quick-fire answers to essential leadership questions. Todd encourages listeners to embrace failure without fear, never to suffer from leadership loneliness, and to have hard conversations with yourself first before bringing them to others. Tune in to hear more about how to live in a way that is ferociously simple. Thanks for listening!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Welcome to Todd Paxton, real estate agent, investor, coach, and mentor.

– Todd and Chris’s history as friends and co-founders.

– Today’s bourbon: Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.

– The artisanal approach to distillation at Heaven’s Door.

– Todd’s gracious lion of a father and the great qualities he inherited from him.

– A breakthrough Todd experienced during a near-death experience last year.

– How this affected how he leads his team.

– The tale of the young and old bull to illustrate slowing down to speed up.

– Parallels between Todd’s work as a sports coach and a leader in real estate.

– The value of always looking for talent everywhere.

– Todd defines the best and worst things a leader can do.

– Knowing when it’s the right time to fire someone.

– Identifying the qualities that show culture fit.

– Creating a culture of grace by bringing in a coach.

– Advice for leaders: don’t suffer from leadership loneliness.

– Todd’s relationship with leadership-related books.

– KASH: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habit.

– The power of having conversations with yourself first and others second.

– Essential ingredients to the cocktail of Todd: Ferociously Simple.

– His closing recommendations to pave the way to success.

– Taking care of the people who are in your world while looking for talent everywhere.


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