Welcome to Episode 7 of the Bourbon & Breakthroughs Series. Today, we are so happy to be joined by the unstoppable and inspiring force that is Johanna White! Johanna is the brains behind Design by Jo, where she helps her clients realize their brand dreams and step beyond the limitations that hold so many of us back. Johanna has an amazing personal story that she gives us a glimpse into, including how the discovery of a brain tumor in 2013 impacted her trajectory and why it was, ultimately, the catalyst for her success! This episode is peppered with so many breakthroughs and insights, with Johanna talking about trusting her own value, targeting the right buyer for an offer, authoring your own story, taking action on beliefs, and much more. We also spend some time indulging in Rabbit Hole’s Heigold bourbon and trading cocktail recipes before Johanna shares some closing thoughts about stepping into your limitless potential. Be sure to join us to catch it all in this great conversation!


Key Points From This Episode:

– A look through Johanna’s inspiring and varied personal and professional bio.

– Johanna talks about her usage of the word ‘expensive’.

– Introducing the ‘Kentucky chew’ and today’s bourbon from Rabbit Hole!

– Recounting the arrival of Johanna’s health troubles in 2013 and her road to recovery.

– The roots of Johanna’s fears and how she unpacked the deeper layers.

– How Johanna approached the task of choosing joy!

– The importance of acting on faith and not merely believing it.

– Dealing with setbacks and jumping back into the work of confronting fear.

– The life-changing power of taking control of the mind and our mental habits.

– Johanna shares some great resources that have helped her.

– Her response to potential doubts about the power of the mind.

– Looking back at Johanna’s fears about failure and self-worth.

– How Johanna’s brain tumor provided her with the path to her current success.

– Honing your own genius (and how this plays into pricing).

– How Johanna’s rebrand allowed her to reimagine her business and income.

– Finding the right price point to catch the ideal client base.

– Some final words of encouragement about the realms of possibility.


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