Welcome to Episode 4 of the Bourbon & Breakthroughs Series. Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning. For listeners who wish to avoid themes of human trafficking, please skip the audio between [54:57] and [1:04:06]. In this episode, we welcome back Dr. Waggoner, a serial entrepreneur, psychologist, and high-level coach who has been practicing for nearly 25 years. He has worked with a range of clients, including Navy SEALs, politicians, and billionaires. He has also dedicated himself to several causes and charities aimed at making the world a better place. With his wealth of experience, he is regarded as the best and most valuable coach available. In our conversation, we discuss how to effectively manage your time, tactical ways to improve your experience of time, and how to honor your sages and not be a slave to your negative inner thoughts. Hear about the definition of celebration and living in the moment, being the “feeder” to yourself and those around you, what he means by “being dangerous”, the value of rituals, what force multipliers are, and the true definition of passion. We also talk about his non-profit, Operation Rescue Children, and the amazing work they do to combat human trafficking by training and equipping operators with the tools they need. Tune in for a fascinating discussion with the inspirational Dr. Keith Waggoner!

Key Points From This Episode:

– We start by finding out what Dr. Waggoner has to celebrate in life.

– His approach to networking and building a strong inner circle.

– What he means by “feeding” relationships.

– We unpack the concept of sages and saboteurs.

– Steps to take to be aware of the sages and saboteurs in your life.

– Learn how you can face your saboteurs and “feed” your sages.

– How to create a framework for effective time management.

– Why you need to commit to what is important to you.

– Discover the four crucial principles of effective time management.

– Find out about the five vital currencies in life.

– He shares his passions and how he endeavors to pursue them.

– Details about Operation Rescue Children and the incredible work they are doing. For listeners who wish to avoid themes of human trafficking, please skip the audio between [54:57] and [1:04:06].

– Dr. Waggoner discusses the progress that Chris has made on his journey.

– A key takeaway message that Dr. Waggoner has for listeners.


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