Welcome to Episode 3 of the Bourbon & Breakthroughs Series, today’s guest is the inspiring co-author of The ONE Thing, Jay Papasan. If you have listened to any episode of this show before, you will be aware that Jay’s book is philosophically fundamental to so much of what we do, and has the power to immediately change your life in a positive way. To give you an understanding of its power and reach,The ONE Thing has sold over 3 million copies, and has been translated into 40 different languages! In this conversation with Jay, we get to hear exactly what the ‘one thing’ is, how individuals can go about prioritizing their lives correctly, the central role that impact plays in everything that Jay does, and the idea of continuous learning. Our guest also spends some time expanding on the concept of counterbalancing and how it fits into the book’s framework, so to catch all of this and a whole lot more, over a delicious glass of today’s choice rye from Rabbit Hole, make sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

– Jay talks about the success of the book and the impact it has made globally.

– Reflections on a decade since the book was published and how Jay has remained passionate about the project.

– The eternal path of learning; Jay talks about his continual identification as a student.

– Today’s tasty treat: Rabbit Hole’s Boxergrail Rye.

– Jay introduces the central question from The ONE Thing and the story behind it.

– The community that Jay and Gary have built through publishing this book.

– The importance of priorities and some of Jay’s grounding principles for helping people with these.

– Jay unpacks some ideas about habit formation and the ‘halo effect’.

– Unpacking the concept of counterbalancing.

– Exploring the themes of choice, commitment, and identity.

– Time and money; lessons from billionaires about creating more abundance.

– Jay talks about his ‘cocktail’ recipe; grit, determination, curiosity, and impact.

– Where to find Jay online and learn more about his impactful work!


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